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Quantum reality is a not for profit one man operation, I have dedicated my time to developing this site for the sole purpose of sharing as much of the valuable information I have discovered in my journey through the matrix of matter.
I feel it is of great importance that I share any wisdom or knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to attain while on my journey. And I share the same sentiment when considering the great lessons others have to teach through their efforts to impart the wisdom and knowledge they too have attained.

Through a collective effort there are boundless possibilities we as humans have the potential to explore, It’s only through the illusion of separateness and division that we find limitations. I cannot place enough emphasis on the word illusion! Lets face it folks THE SCIENCE IS IN !!! We are all very much a part of one single organism comprised of Trillions apon Trillions apon Trillions of single and multi-cell organisms that rely deeply, on a cohesive and balanced effort to sustain such a beautifully complex whole.

While the relationship we share with each other, our planet, nature, the universe and all that it encompasses has become strained, All is not lost! We now have the great privilege of being able to connect with each other almost instantly at the stroke of a key or the click of a mouse.

Of late it has become quite apparent that less and less people are taking this great privilege for granted. Every day more and more people share valuable information with each other, great tips and tricks (life hacks), inspiration, laughter, joy, sadness and even indifference.
While the later might not seem so great it’s not to be discredited! when we combine all of the above it equates to sharing the one singularly most important thing in all existence;
A connection!
As a writer, an artist, a philosopher, a musician, a teacher, and most of all a living human being I dutifully accept the inherent responsibility of giving whatever I can to the revival of this incredible planet we have all but destroyed.
Join with me, change your thoughts, change your reality, and together we shall change the collective reality.

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