The Consciousness Of Plants

the consciousness of plants
Known as the sensitive or shy plant, The Mimosa Pudica is a stunningly beautiful example of the conscious awareness of plants. There are a number of other commonly known plants that display physical response to stimuli such as the Venus Fly Trap & the telegraph plant.
What is not commonly know is the fact that all plants have a consciousness and can also display response to stimuli in more subtle ways. Polygraph expert Cleve Backster discovered in the 1960’s that plants display electrical response to physical contact, Though the most perplexing discovery made was a plants conscious awareness of it’s surroundings, And an ability to actually detect danger or the suffering of other living organisms without even being in contact. What this means is that plants actually display what might be described as psychic abilities, or universal consciousness.
In the modern industrialized world University students who study Ecology are taught that plants are beneath human beings in the food chain due to there lack of conscious awareness. Cleve Backsters experiments may well prove the opposite to be true.
A more enlightened view of the food chain should not only take into account different forms of conscious communication but should also consider sustainability and an organisms ability to support other living organisms.
Humans along with other mammals, reptiles, and even amphibians etc.. Tend to completely consume other living organisms in it’s entirety to sustain life, Unlike the other aforementioned organisms humans don’t seem to even practice this form of consumption in a way that is ecologically sustainable, So to consider ourselves to be at the top of the food chain is arrogant and ignorant of the fact that our method of consumption could well result in the end of all food sources.
Perhaps we need to look at plant life differently, Take a leaf from their book, consider the value of all living organisms,  Adopt a new view of the “food chain”  and consider contribution to food sources the prerequisite for the top spot instead of consumption. With this view, Plant life would undoubtedly be placed right at the top.

Take a look at the videos below and see if your’e not blown away by the complexities and the beauty of their being.


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