The Pledge For Republican Candidates In 2018: ‘No Money For Planned Parenthood Under Any Circumstances’

The Pledge For Republican Candidates In 2018: ‘No Money For Planned Parenthood Under Any Circumstances’ | abortion | Medical & Health Politics Special Interests

It is time for conservative voters to draw a line in the sand when it comes to Planned Parenthood. For decades, Republican politicians have been winning conservative votes by labeling themselves Pro-Life, but once they take office many of them don’t do anything to advance the cause. In fact, many “Pro-Life” members of Congress have been voting to fund Planned Parenthood year after year after year without any consequences. In 2018, we aren’t going to put up with this any longer. The following is an extended free preview of a book that I am working on about how to turn America in a positive direction…


It is no longer okay for Republican politicians to claim that they are Pro-Life during their campaigns but then vote to fund Planned Parenthood while they are in office. As a conservative voter, I have been extremely frustrated by supposedly “conservative” politicians that think that it is okay to betray the Pro-Life movement over and over again. More specifically, I cannot understand how any “Pro-Life” politician could possibly vote to give Planned Parenthood approximately 500 million dollars in federal funding year after year.

It is time for conservative voters to take matters into their own hands. In 2018, conservatives will be the deciding factor in Republican primaries all over the nation. If we worked together and stood strong, we could ensure that the vast majority of Republican candidates for office in 2018 are truly Pro-Life.

So what I am suggesting is that we require all Republican candidates for office to take a pledge to vote against any bill that gives even one penny of funding to Planned Parenthood. This would apply on the federal, state and local levels. We would let them know that if they are not willing to pledge that there will be no money for Planned Parenthood under any circumstances that we will not vote for them under any circumstances.

And just because someone is running as an incumbent does not mean that they would get a pass. If a Republican incumbent will not take the pledge, we will find someone to run against that incumbent who will.

If we actually did this, we could virtually assure that Planned Parenthood would be defunded. The Republicans are very likely to remain in control of the House of Representatives again in 2018, and any bill to fund Planned Parenthood has to get the approval of the House. If we were to pack the House with conservatives that would never vote for any bill that funds Planned Parenthood, there is nothing that the Senate or the White House could do to override that.

This can actually happen, but we have to be united. And all that we would require would be one simple pledge:

“I will not vote in favor of funding for Planned Parenthood under any circumstances.”

This is my stand, and I am not moving from it. Any candidate that does not make this pledge will not get my support of my vote.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, close to 60 million babies have been slaughtered in America’s abortion mills. We are killing children on an industrial scale, and yet most Americans have accepted this as “normal”.

And Planned Parenthood is the biggest offender by far. Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions every year, and they get more funding from the federal government than any other source by a very wide margin.

By giving Planned Parenthood about half a billion dollars a year, the United States government is putting a giant stamp of approval on what Planned Parenthood is doing. Of course none of that money is actually supposed to go for providing abortions, but everyone knows what the real deal is.

Planned Parenthood is in business to provide abortions. In fact, former Planned Parenthood workers have revealed that they actually had to try to meet “abortion sales quota goals” each month. If the quotas were met, workers were rewarded with pizza parties and other incentives. The following testimony comes from former Planned Parenthood center manager Sue Thayer…

“It was on this big grid, and if we hit our goal, our line was green. If we were 5 percent under it was yellow, if we were 10 percent under it was red. That’s when we needed to have a corrective action plan – why we didn’t hit the goal, what we’re going to do differently next time,” she said.

“So we were really very goal-oriented. I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion, to have it at Planned Parenthood, because that counts toward our goal.”


Yes, this is really taking place. Workers are actually being given incentives to convince women to kill their own babies.

Even more alarming is the harvesting of body parts that is going on at Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide.

Even though it is against the law, aborted babies are being chopped up and their organs are being sold off to the highest bidder. This is the kind of thing that you would have expected to happen in Nazi Germany, but instead it is actually happening in the United States of America in our day and time.

The Center for Medical Progress has released undercover video after undercover video documenting that this is being done, and yet only a small segment of the population has expressed outrage.

In one of the most recent videos, a Planned Parenthood executive is shown “haggling over per-specimen pricing for livers, lungs, and brains”

New undercover video shows Dr. Mary Gatter, the Planned Parenthood senior executive who infamously laughed “I want a Lamborghini” about payments for aborted fetal parts, again haggling over per-specimen pricing for livers, lungs, and brains, even while insisting the purchaser must do all the work to harvest.


In another undercover video, a Planned Parenthood doctor in Texas discussed what she would do to babies in their second trimester so that their heads would come out “pretty intact” for harvesting…

The eleventh video release from The Center for Medical Progress in the ongoing Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal shows the abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX, Dr. Amna Dermish, describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term fetuses which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.

Dr. Dermish admits she was trained by the Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dr. Deborah Nucatola. Nucatola described a partial-birth abortion technique to harvest fetal organs in the first Planned Parenthood video released July 14 by CMP.

My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” says Dermish, speaking to actors posing as a fetal tissue procurement company. Dermish admits that she will sometimes use ultrasound guidance to convert a 2nd-trimester fetus to a feet-first breech presentation: “Especially the 20-weekers are a lot harder versus the 18-weekers, so at that point I’ll switch to breech.


How can the federal government possibly fund this kind of evil?

When is enough going to be enough? How far do things have to go before we say “NO MORE”?

This isn’t just another political issue. This is a battle for the soul of our nation. If we continue to allow this to go on, and the federal government continues to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the organization that is doing this, there is no future for our country.

I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that.

When you include all forms of abortion, including abortion drugs such as RU 486, more than a million abortions are performed in the U.S. every single year.

To put that in perspective, the number of American children killed by abortion each year is roughly equal to the number of U.S. military deaths that have occurred in the entire history of our nation.

Or let’s look at this another way. The number of Americans being aborted each day is roughly equal to the number of victims that died during the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

In other words, it is like a new 9/11 each and every single day of the year.

If we are truly Pro-Life, we have got to do something to stop this. Many have pinned their hopes on overturning Roe v. Wade, but even if that happened tomorrow that would not outlaw abortion. Instead, each state would be able to make their own laws about abortion, and most of the larger states such as California and New York would continue to keep it legal.

Yes, let us try very hard to continue to get more Pro-Life justices on to the Supreme Court, but we can make much more of an immediate impact by going after Planned Parenthood. If we can get Planned Parenthood defunded on the federal level, it would be absolutely devastating for them, and it is likely that many clinics around the country would have to start closing down.

By the age of 45, approximately one out of every three women in the United States will have had an abortion, and close to half of all women that get an abortion each year have had one before.

We have created a culture of death, and in some areas of the country abortion rates are so high that it is hard to believe that the numbers are actually true.

For example, it has been reported that 41 percent of all New York City pregnancies end in abortion, and according to Pastor Clenard Childress approximately 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies in the entire nation now end in abortion.

And most of the women that are getting abortions in the United States claim to be Christian.

Yes, this is actually true. According to Operation Rescue, Protestant women get 42 percent of all abortions and Catholic women get 27 percent of all abortions.

We are a “Christian nation” that has murdered nearly 60 million of our own children, and close to 90 percent of those murders were performed “for the sake of convenience”.

Either abortion is murder or it isn’t.

If it is murder, how can any self-respecting “Pro-Life” politician ever vote to give federal funding to an organization that is murdering more than 300,000 babies a year?

And there is really good money in murdering children these days. In fact, 30 Planned Parenthood executives make more than $200,000 a year, and a few of them actually make more than $300,0000 a year.

The blood of tens of millions of precious little children is crying out from the ground against us, and yet most politicians just continue with business as usual as if nothing is happening.

And of course the United States is far from alone. Since 1980, more than a billion children around the world have been aborted.

Just think about that for a moment.

What do you think God thinks about a billion dead babies?

There are some people out there that are suggesting that the United States is heading for a period of great blessing despite the fact that we have killed close to 60 million children and we continue to kill them on an industrial scale every single day.

It doesn’t work that way.

If we want to have any hope of turning this nation around, we have got to quit slaughtering children.

So I don’t have any more patience for politicians that want to use the Pro-Life label to get votes but then are willing to hand Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars every year once they get into office.

If you vote to fund Planned Parenthood, you are not Pro-Life.

It really is that simple.

In 2018, let us choose not to compromise any longer. If a candidate will not promise to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, we will deny them our votes.

Personally, this is my line in the sand, and I am not moving.

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6 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Body

6 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Body | yoga-exercise | General Health Organics Special Interests

What’s going on with your fitness routine? Where are you at with it? If you’re on the up swing- that’s awesome, stick with it. If you’re not, why not? What happened to hitting the gym this week? Did Monday quickly turn into Friday and the evenings faded away under a glow from the television set? Is that you? Turn it off, better yet, cancel the service. There is an epidemic of unhealthy bodies in this country and it’s caused by an epidemic of “don’t feel like it.”

The weight loss industry is huge, and, unfortunately, so is the propensity for the average person to not comply, over the long term, with their plans to eat right and exercise often. Those organic fruits, vegetables and raw foods don’t eat themselves and exercise doesn’t happen by osmosis. Despite the ridiculous tactics portrayed in most of the marketing (propaganda) churned out by the weight loss industry ad wizards, a healthy body weight is not the product of shortcuts or nightly 12 oz. curls. Provide your body with nutrition and keep it physically fit, that’s it. It’s been said that 90% of success is just showing up. If you’ve been slacking off on showing up, here are a few quick tips to get you back on track and make your intentions your reality.

1. Eat and Eat Well

Calorie consumption isn’t a 0 sum game, your body needs a certain amount of calories to operate. “Ate a 100 calorie snack, burned 100 calories on the treadmill, awesome!” is not the philosophy to live by. Skipping meals and severely limiting calories won’t provide your body the nutrition it needs. The key is to eat organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Skip the chips, throw away the prepackaged junk. If you’re indulging in low-quality fast foods, stop it immediately. That toxic sewage isn’t going to provide your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

2. Eat Appropriate Portions

Portion control is an area many adults fail at (underscoring the importance of developing these habits early). Before helping yourself to seconds, ask yourself if you’re really even hungry, or just reaching for another scoop out of habit. It’s not necessary to completely deprive yourself of the foods you love, just limit their portion size. Instead of eating it all tonight, it might make a great left over lunch tomorrow.

3. Eat On a Seat

Eating on the run is an easy way to lose your momentum. Why? Because eating on the run is often eating food purchased out of convenience, which means little planning and a high likelihood of it being from a fast food restaurant, vending machine, or gas station. Plan your meals so that you can sit down, relax and enjoy your food. If you do need a snack to go, nature provides a number of choices in natural, biodegradable wrappers- apples, bananas, and plums, are already perfectly packaged and easy to eat when time is tight.

4. Eat With Your Family

Support each other as a family in your quest to eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly. Your parents, offspring, or siblings can benefit from nutritious foods too, so keep them on hand and hold each other accountable. Be the example in your family, set the bar. When everyone is on track, it’s easier to resist tempting foods, such as sodas, chips, candy, and cookies. Or, even better…

5. Avoid Temptations

The easiest way to avoid the temptations of less-than-healthy foods is just to keep the house free of temptations, period. You’ll be surprised how true, “out of sight, out of mind” really is. Instead, keep the pantry stocked with fruits, veggies and whole grain snacks.

6. Roll With It

It’s important to understand everyone occasionally trips and falls. You may be out for your birthday and have a second piece of cake. You may be out to dinner with an old friend and indulge a little more than normal. These things happen, they’re called life, just don’t let these special occasions get ahead of you. The rarity of special occasions is what makes them special. The cumulative effect of complying with a solid daily-life plan is what sets you up for more enjoyable special occasions. It’s easier for your body to absorb the occasional indiscretion when you’re on track the other 90% of the time. Never focus on perceived failures, only on successes you’ve had and the successes you are still working to achieve.

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The post 6 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Body appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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The Benefits Of Kamala

The Benefits Of Kamala | lotus_flower | Natural Medicine Special Interests

Kamala (also known as Kamcela, Spoonwood, or Mallotus philippinensis) is a well-known plant coming from the humid tropical forests of Australia, the Philippines, India, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Africa, Southern Arabia, and southern China. First mentioned in the ancient Indian text, The Kurma Purana, kamala’s health-supportive properties have been highly revered the world over for thousands of years.

Kamala is a firm staple in India’s traditional Ayurvedic practices and is currently still being used as a natural and potent herb in the developing world. The narrow-stemmed kamala tree grows up to twenty meters high, although smaller evergreen versions grow wild in India. The most used component of kamala is the reddish-brown fruit. The fruit is crushed and dried and processed into a fine herbal powder. [1]

The Health Benefits of Kamala

Although kamala has a number of potential health benefits, many traditional societies have valued the plant as an aid for combating harmful organisms, particularly those involving the skin and the GI tract. While the fruit and its hairs are most often used for internal cleansing purposes, the bark of kamala is also an excellent anti-microbial agent. Studies have found that the glands and hairs of the kamala fruit are a useful anthelmintic, possibly effective for reducing fascioliasis, a condition related to liver flukes and other forms of intestinal worms. Several studies have reported that kamala resin can offer significant purgative action in the GI tract. In animal trials, the resin was able to eliminate infestation of tapeworms in the small intestines by 78.21%. [2]

Kamala may also offer the following health benefits and actions:

    • A quick and effective purgative for elimination of any toxic activity in the GI tract.
    • A cutaneous purifier, often used to prevent scabies, ringworm, skin pustules, leprosy, and other cutaneous eruptions.
    • Potent taenifuge for expelling tapeworms. Kamala is ranked second only to male fern root in its ability to eliminate intestinal worms.
    • Potent anthelmintic, expelling parasites, especially the Taenia solium variety.
    • Excellent general digestive support and laxative, promoting increased bowel action and powerful detoxification.
    • Remedy for various ocular diseases in traditional forms of medicine.[3]

Chemical Components and Actions

The active constituents of kamala are associated with the tannic acids and volatile oils of the fruit and hairs. Kamala is also composed of health-boosting resins, crystallines, flemingin, and homoflemingin. These plant-based chemical constituents eradicate worms in the body through a mechanism of creating a harsh intestinal environment that is toxic to harmful organisms. The resins, acids, and oils cause worms to become immobile, preventing the worms’ larvae from attaching themselves to the interior lining of human intestine walls. Not only does this cleanse the system of parasitic organisms, it also promotes overall digestive health.

Other Uses of Kamala

Kamala can be used as a natural oil for cosmetic preparations. It has also been used traditionally as a natural dye for silks and wool, beverages and foods, and its pulp has been used to make tools, paper, and brushware.


  1. Thomas S. Blair. Botanic Drugs Their Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The Therapeutic Digest Publishing Company.
  2. Gupta SS, Verma P, Hishikar K. Purgative and anthelmintic effects of Mallotus philippinensis in rats against tape worm. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 1984 Jan-Mar;28(1):63-6.
  3. Verma P, & Hishikar K. Experimental Evaluation of Anthelmintic and Purgative Activity of Myrsine Africana Fruits. Anc Sci Life. 1983 Oct-Dec; 3(2): 82-84.

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The post The Benefits Of Kamala appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Modern Medicine: Patent Protection, Degenerative Healthcare, Follow the Money

Modern Medicine: Patent Protection, Degenerative Healthcare, Follow the Money | pills-money-big-pharma-profits | Big Pharma General Health Medical & Health Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

By: David Richard, Organic Consumers Association |


Modern medicine has failed us by providing unnatural solutions to natural problems. We are ill because we live in a toxic world, filled with the unnatural stresses of industrialization and technology along with their chemical and energetic fallout. Lost is the spiritual basis and altruistic motivation of society. Modern medicine follows a worldview that values technological innovation over healing tradition, arrogantly assuming that anything made by nature can be better made by man.

This system is basically driven by money rather than by healing intent. At the heart of the financial orientation of this system is the protection of U.S. Patent Law, which rightfully excludes natural substances and processes from patent protection, but wrongfully allows patent protection for unnatural substances and processes to be applied as so-called bio-compatible medicines (drugs), foods, soil amendments and other life process “solutions.” In reality, these substances and processes are bio-incompatible and, to a greater or lesser extent, toxic. Without the legal protection and endorsement of patent law, modern medicine/healthcare as we know it lies down and dies, drained of its financial lifeblood.

We live, and have evolved, as a part of nature rather than above nature. Therefore any system which is not rooted and grounded in nature is not of service to mankind. Each member of society pays an enormous surcharge in funding the current degenerative healthcare paradigm. First, in the cost of re-inventing effective natural remedies and medicines as synthetic patented drugs. Second, for all of the costs associated with “proving” the efficacy of these drugs, marketing and selling them, lobbying for them, and buying legislators and legislation to protect them.

This same surcharge, based upon another example of the same underlying principle, is applied to society in funding the biotechnology of genetically engineered food crops.

Most importantly, human suffering is not reduced, nor is human health increased, by the paradigm of modern medicine, healthcare and food technology. Arguably, human suffering is increased and human health is reduced. We all suffer and pay for the patent-protected profits of a few.

There is the possibility of inexpensive and effective healthcare for all. OCA Executive Director Ronnie Cummins has called this system “Regenerative Healthcare.” From my point of view, this is our only hope for the future, as it integrates and unites whole foods grown in healthy soils, ecological mindfulness, nature-based medicine, enlightened psychology, the Arts for Healing, and Spiritual Altruism in one holistic model.


In his brilliant essay published on February 5, 2017, in the OCA Newsletter, entitled “Regenerating Public Health: Beyond Obama and Trump,” Cummins offers a profound insight into the ill health of our so-called healthcare system, as well as a clarion call for a revolutionary new model of sustainable, nature-based healthcare he calls “Regenerative Healthcare.” Contrasting this with the existing model ruling our “Degeneration Nation,” he spares neither pole of the political spectrum in his review.

He condemns the Right for its cold-hearted, hypocritical approach to healthcare, denying public health funding to the poor while cozying up to mega-rich healthcare business interests in order to feather their own political nest. He reproaches the Left for its support of the same institutional model, granting universal healthcare, but without real choice, instead forcing care through systems and processes that are fundamentally flawed—being both unsustainable and unhealthy. The Left, too, feathers its own nest in propping up this profit-over-people model.

In reality, neither Obamacare nor Trumpcare address the real, deep-seated, and long-term healthcare issues of our country, which are rooted in our soil, our food, the very nature of our medicine, the technological and ecological lifestyle choices we make, and particularly in the way we think and feel about ourselves and our health.

I add my voice in support of Cummins’ call for a new model of Regenerative Healthcare, in particular focusing on the role of U.S. Patent Law in propping up our current broken healthcare system.

From patent medicine to patented medicine

In the 18th, 19th centuries and even into the early 20th century, many medicines containing unknown ingredients, often making exaggerated and dubious claims, generally untested and without proven clinical effectiveness, were sold to a gullible public by formulators who typically hawked their own wares. Known as “patent medicines,” some were credited with affecting near-miraculous cures. But most, as later determined, were little more than “snake oil,” a phrase itself describing a turn-of-the-20th-century patent medicine. In fact, some of the ingredients used, uranium or radium for example, were actually toxic or, in the cases of opium or cocaine, powerfully addictive.

Addressing this Wild West show of unregulated claim and unknown composition, “modern” medicine began to standardize a pharmacopeia and to test medicines for efficacy. The U.S. government, in the form of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), began to review the therapeutic claims made, the ingredients used, and the testing processes applied to these medicines.

All apparently well and good for the consumer. However, one key factor would prove to be the elephant-fly in the ointment of the “standard-of-care” medicine resulting from these reforms: the patent protection of medicines synthesized in the laboratory as opposed to healing substances found in nature. This single factor was to create a medicine primarily of synthetic substances, or drugs, since patent law protection meant enormous monopoly profits for the drug companies who staked claim to the health benefits these substances purported to offer, while relegating any toxic effects caused by the drug to the status of unintended “side effects.” Rather than reforming the old “medicine show” of the patent medicine hucksters, a new but much more sophisticated era of ill-conceived, but patent-protected drugs was inaugurated.

In historical counterpoint to these systems of patent medicines, both old and new here in the U.S., were the systems of medicine in place around the world for thousands of years prior to these newcomers, each having developed sophisticated and effective natural medicines and remedies long before the first white man set foot upon the shores of the New World. Such systems existed in highly organized form in China, India and the Middle East, were characterized by the patriarchs of Western Medicine, including Hippocrates, Pliny, and Paracelsus, but also existed in some organized form in virtually every human culture in the world. Every tribe, civilized and primitive, had its healers or Shaman who knew and used the remedies and medicines that flourished in the world they inhabited. The effectiveness and safety of these “nature” medicines were proven over hundreds, often thousands, of generations. They were condition- and dose-specific, and the duration of their treatment and prognosis for cure was generally well known. Related forms of healing, physical as well as spiritual, typically enhanced the outcome of treatment with these natural medicines.

Instead of building upon the foundations of these effective traditional systems of natural medicine, what we see today is a sophisticated reprise of the era of huckster patent medicines based upon patented synthetics. The outcome, however, is the same: profits over people.

Today we see medicines of unknown composition being marketed, since no drug is required to display a full disclosure label listing all of its ingredients for the benefit of the consumer. We see highly toxic substances being routinely employed in the “wars” on various diseases. We see an epidemic of addiction to prescription drugs. We see synthetic substances in every prescription drug in the country, as if a synthetic substance were bio-identical to its natural counterpart, as if it were as effective as its natural counterpart, as if it were as safe as its natural counterpart.

We see drugs tested in hugely expensive research and clinical trials, all funded by the companies with direct vested interests in the outcome of the trials, and overseen by government officials who have either just revolved in or out of one of these companies. What drugs are tested? Only the synthetic drugs protected by patent law, assuring long-term profit—enormous profit—to the manufacturer.

Is this system truly “evidence-based” or is it simply “outcome-funded”? Consider the list of “side effects” of nearly any major drug now on the market. Are these truly “side effects?” Or are they actually direct effects that are simply inconvenient for marketing purposes and a subtraction from the corporate profit bottom line?

In the broader context of public health, we see an environment—land, sea and sky—that is grossly contaminated by every form of pollutant known to man, every poison and toxin, every contaminant and adulterant imaginable. We see a degradation of the soil in which our food is grown, and even a corporate-funded degradation of the seeds that provide the genetic basis for our food. We see contamination by radioactive waste, by electromagnetic radiation, and by digital sound and image stress. We see foods depleted of the nutrients they once contained, having been grown in our depleted soils and having been so over-processed that there is no longer any life or real nutrition remaining in them.

All these realities of our society, once again, can only really be understood in terms of corporate profit-making at the expense of public health and welfare with technological “innovation” and U.S. patent protection at the heart of many of our public health ills.

Corporate dependence on patent protection

According to U.S. Patent Law there are four main “judicial exception” categories used to withhold U.S. patent protection. These are: (1) abstract ideas, (2) laws of nature, (3) natural phenomena, and (4) natural products.

In the past, there has been some latitude in allowing newly isolated and purified substances obtained from natural sources patent protection, as long as these isolates or purified substances have some novel functional properties not demonstrated in the original compound. However the basic idea is that only something synthesized by man or markedly enhanced by man can be protected by a patent.

What if the fundamental premise of this system is false? What if man can only preserve the essential whole that was created by forces more elemental and synergistic than can ever be created or replicated in the laboratory?

This premise of patent protection of bio-incompatible synthetics is being pushed to its extreme by a recent court ruling that makes it even more difficult to obtain a patent for novel isolates or purified substances obtained from a natural substrate. Perhaps this is a more consistent ruling intellectually. But it’s one that pushes pharmaceutical medicine even further afield from its natural origins.

What this orientation toward human innovation over traditional wisdom and natural holism has created is an incredibly lucrative socio-economic system focused upon introducing bio-incompatible, “alien” molecules into the human body. It has taken health away from the soil, air and water, the plant and animal kingdoms, and even the mineral kingdom, and placed it squarely in the province of the laboratory. It pays, ridiculously well in fact, for “health science” corporations to create, patent and market what amount to monstrosities of nature.

Evidence-based, “Standard of care” medicine:

How can we reconcile all of the “evidence” amassed by researchers around the world for nearly a century with the notion that modern medicine is basically bio-incompatible?

I prefer not to consider the specific details of individual research and clinical trials, and to focus instead on the bottom line of what we are seeing in our society. I have glimpsed behind the curtain of the Great Oz of Medicine in enough individual cases to conclude that these research studies seek only to prove what it is profitable for them to prove. If the basic orientation of this research is to make a profit, how can we expect the actual outcome to build public health or provide for the common welfare?

We are generally not seeing outstanding specimens of health and vitality in our society, as have been traditionally observed in native populations. Instead we are seeing a population that is grossly overweight, underfit, tired, and chronically ill, mentally and physically. While we are seeing a longer lived population, this outcome is much more likely due to hygienic improvements such as indoor plumbing, a relatively hygienic water supply, a relatively stable food supply, and other infrastructure improvements—not on modern medical intervention.

And while we are seeing a decrease in epidemics of microbial contamination, we are also seeing a concomitant increase in auto-immune disease and digestive conditions as we overcompensate in our usage of antibiotics and vaccines, depleting our microbiome and thereby incapacitating our immune systems. Moreover, we are seeing a sustained, dramatic and societally-debilitating increase in degenerative diseases, which are relatively uncommon and often unknown within a healthy native population. We are seeing a huge rise in childhood autism as well as other childhood psychological and behavioral disorders, while at the other end of the age spectrum, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the incidence of senior dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

This summary does not even include the direct deaths, incapacitations and toxic reactions from “standard of care” medical drugs or the addictions and suicides caused by psychotropic, pain-relieving and anti-anxiety medications.

Follow the money trail

There is a common thread that runs throughout the ugly tapestry we call modern medicine. It is money.

In ancient China, it was not uncommon for a medical practitioner to be paid only while the patient was healthy. Accordingly, there was a direct financial incentive to promote health rather than disease.

Our system knows no such reinforcement of health through economics. It knows only the reinforcement of disease as a source of nearly limitless profit.

What if patent protection were withdrawn from synthetic, bio-incompatible drugs, since their application is in biologically active, holistic systems called human beings? What if any drug with a toxic side effect in a statistically significant portion of the population were forced to be withdrawn from the marketplace? What if any potentially addictive or suicide-promoting pharmaceutical drug were forced to be withdrawn from the market? What if any toxic agent such as radiation or chemotherapy were forced to be withdrawn from the market? What if every clinical or research study were forced to be funded using public rather than private funds, with the proceeds being held in the public trust rather than in private corporate coffers?

This will never happen of course. However, a shift can begin to be made toward a system of medicine and healthcare rooted in the natural world, in our food supply, in our environment, and in the natural healing substances found abundantly in plants, animals and minerals from the earth. Again, reaffirming Cummins’ essay, we call this paradigm “Regenerative Healthcare”.

Nourishment and toxemia

According to those historically known as “the nature healers,” there are really only two diseases afflicting mankind: toxemia and under-nourishment. Too much pollution of the body, physically and spiritually, from the surrounding polluted environment and its over-processed foods and synthetic “medicines,” and not enough nourishment, physically and spiritually, from the surrounding environment obtained through the whole food, pure water, fresh air, and natural medicine of the earth.

These two principles were also embodied in the medical philosophy of Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” who said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,”** and also “To abstain from doing harm” or simply “Do no harm” in more common parlance. If only these two principles were followed in spirit and actual practice, we would have an amazing revolution in modern healthcare, a system of true Regenerative Healthcare building up the strength and vitality of our nation. We would look at nature differently and ourselves differently, seeing that the two are really one.


Right now, we are nearly 180 degrees off the mark in steering our course toward Regenerative Healthcare. I believe we are headed toward a health crisis of epic proportions in terms of the health of our planet, our personal and societal health, and our very existence as a species. We are looking outside of ourselves and our environment for the answers to problems that are as close to us as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we consume, the medicines we take, and the tools we use to supposedly enhance our well-being.

The cost of this crisis in absolute dollars will be staggering, as has already been projected by the best analytic minds of our time.

We have a choice to change course or to continue down the path that leads directly to this health crisis. True change will require a re-orientation back toward the earth, back toward our planetary “mother” as it were. If we value a future for ourselves and our children, we will consider this a matter of absolute personal commitment and responsibility. Every decision we make will either reinforce this choice and contribute toward the general welfare of our fellow man—or it will bow to a system that is not really about health or healthcare at all.

Together we will live or die based on this decision. My deepest, most sincere hope is that we choose life.

** While there is current scholarly contention in attributing this quotation to Hippocrates, it is certainly in accord with what we know of his practice – using diet, exercize, lifestyle adjustments, etc. in treatment as well as his healthcare philosophy of general diagnosis and “passive” therapy. In addition, the core of his medical philosophy appears to be in stimulating “the healing power of nature” (vis medicatrix naturae) in the patient rather than through dramatic physician intervention.

David Richard is former Owner and Publisher of Vital Health Publishing as well as author, editor and long-term health enthusiast. He has worked in and around the natural products industry for over 50 years, is an OCA member, supports the organic food and agriculture movement, and is dedicated to an ecologically sound, sustainable future.


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Source: Alternative news journal

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Are Microwaves Dangerous to Your Health?

Are Microwaves Dangerous to Your Health? | microwave-oven-radiation | General Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Microwave ovens have been the norm in US households for almost 50 years. If you’re under 40, you’re more likely to have grown up with a microwave than without a microwave. Ever since they were first introduced, microwaves have been a source of controversy. While manufacturers and retailers maintain that microwaves are completely safe, many people still want to know: are microwaves dangerous?

Many of the original concerns about microwave safety, such as radiation leaks and pacemaker problems, have been addressed by modern technology. However, there remain real, potentially serious, health issues that arise from microwave use. Leaks, burns, nutritional concerns, and promoting a culture of laziness and immediate gratification are all good reasons why you may want to consider a different cooking method.

I don’t use a microwave. I don’t have one in my house, and we don’t have one in the breakroom at Global Healing Center. First, I’m not a fan of what they produce—food that’s frozen on the inside, and lava-hot on the outside, not to mention bland and soggy. More importantly, I do not believe that microwaves are the safest, or most nutritious, method of cooking food.

Radiation and How Microwaves Work

Let’s talk about radiation. Since microwaves were first available, the biggest concern people have had is the danger of keeping a household appliance designed specifically to create radiation. Microwaves cook food using microwave radiation, generated by a device called a magnetron. Microwave radiation is non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is relatively low energy and is not hazardous when confined to a microwave, especially compared to high-energy ionizing radiation. However, even with a relatively low output, microwave radiation can still cause burns. If you’ve ever cooked meat in a microwave, you’ve seen what unshielded non-ionizing radiation can do to flesh.

Microwaves are shielded specifically to prevent most leaks. However, the key word is “most.” Even at peak efficiency, domestic microwaves do leak some heat. The US Food and Drug Administration allows for some leakage as long as radiation levels fall below what they consider harmful to humans. [1] Microwaves are regulated to ensure only low levels of radiation escape—most of which dissipates within one or two feet.

That may sound good, but low radiation is different from no radiation. The effects of long-term, low-dose, non-ionizing radiation are difficult to observe, and we don’t yet know the full consequences for the human body.

A 2004 study found that small doses of ionizing radiation over the course of years may increase the risk of leukemia.[2] However, this doesn’t tell us much about microwaves. That study focused on the effects of ionizing radiation—specifically the type found in medical scanners. Because microwaves produce non-ionizing, electromagnetic radiation, the study isn’t applicable. As of this writing, no long-term studies on the effects of microwave radiation on humans have been completed.

Furthermore, the risk is only minimal if you use a well-maintained appliance according to manufacturer’s exact instructions. That risk grows considerably if the door, hinges, latch, enclosure, power supply, or seals are damaged. If the shielding is compromised, radiation can leak out. Units with damaged seals, which is especially common in older units, can present a hazard. If your microwave shows signs of damage, send it to the recycling center. Even with an undamaged microwave, dirty door seals can create gaps that allow radiation to escape. Check your seals after every use.[3]

An old concern about microwaves was that the waves they use to cook food could disrupt the function of pacemakers. That’s why microwaves used to have pacemaker warnings on them. Both pacemakers and microwaves these days are shielded well enough to avoid these complications. However, if you have a pacemaker, you should still exercise caution around microwaves. If you feel dizziness or discomfort, get away from the machine immediately and consult your healthcare provider.

Microwave Burns and Superheated Water

Even a brand new microwave carries a small risk of causing burns. Microwaves heat unevenly, and larger portions of foods may not cook all the way through. A food item that seems cool to the touch might scald your mouth when you bite into it.

A lesser-known danger of microwaves is the phenomena of superheated water. When water is heated in a perfectly smooth container, it can actually be heated past the boiling point without actually boiling. Once water is superheated, any slight disturbance, such as picking up the cup, can cause the water to boil all at once, resulting in a violent eruption of scalding water. [1] Impurities make it easier for water to boil, so pure, clean water, like distilled water, is far more likely to experience superheating.

To avoid superheating, never heat water in a microwave for excessive periods of time. Be especially careful with distilled water. A simple way to prevent superheating is to leave a nonmetallic object, like a wooden stir spoon, in the water while you heat it.

How Microwaves Affect Food Quality

While I remain concerned about the burn risks of microwaves, the real health concerns lay in how they affect nutrition.

Microwaves do alter the nutritional content of food; this fact is not in debate. (This is one reason why I advocate for a mostly raw, vegan diet.) The real question is if microwaving food alters its nutritional content differently than other forms of cooking. All cooking changes the chemical structure of food to some degree, but different types of heating alter the nutritional content in different ways. For example, broccoli loses about 74 to 97 percent of its antioxidants when boiled,[4] but retains its nutrients when steamed.

So what nutrients are specifically affected by microwaving? Alliinase, found in garlic, is one. Alliinase is an enzyme with significant benefits for the immune and cardiovascular systems.[5] Unfortunately, it’s sensitive to heat. Forty-five minutes in an oven will render alliinase inert. That’s bad, but there’s a lot you can cook in under 45 minutes. In a microwave, it takes just 60 seconds.[6]

Do you have a breastfeeding infant? Never warm breastmilk in a microwave. Microwaving destroys the essential disease-fighting, baby-protecting agents in breast milk. In one study, breast milk microwaved for just 30 seconds destroyed natural antibodies, paving the way for the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. [7]

There are more examples of compromised nutrition. An Australian study showed that microwaves cause a higher degree of “protein unfolding” than conventional heating.[8] If you have a choice, you want your proteins properly folded. Protein nutrition depends on its structure—when it unfolds, it becomes just a strand of amino acids. You lose the nutritional functionality of the protein. Microwaves are also capable of extensively fragmenting and destroying bacterial DNA, doing so to a far greater degree than heating alone.[9]

Microwaving Food in Plastic and Other Unsafe Containers

Another danger of microwaves comes from the type of cookware you use. If you heat food in a plastic container, some of the chemicals that make up the plastic can leak into your food. Toxic chemicals, like acetyltributylcitrate and dioctyladipate, are common components of plastic food containers. Whenever you heat plastic containers, utensils, or wrap, they release a small portion of these chemicals into your food.[10]

The rate of chemical absorption depends on a number of factors. Temperature, duration of heat, plastic type, and food composition all affect chemical transfer.[10] Old, scratched, or damaged containers are more likely to release harmful particles.[11] Regular use, including cleaning, increases the rate at which the plastic degrades. Heating increases the rate of chemical transfer by 55x.[12] While all methods of heating increase the leach rate, microwaves seem to cause a higher transfer rate than other methods.[10]

Microwaving plastics that aren’t rated microwave-safe is an especially bad idea. Containers made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE, or plastic #1), such as most soda bottles, can leach carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting phthalates after repeated use. Commercial-grade cling wrap (commonly found in delis) is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC, or plastic #3). PVC can release cancer-causing dioxins. Polystyrene (PS, or plastic #6, Styrofoam) is another troublemaker. The base component, styrene, has been associated with skin, eye, and respiratory irritation, depression, fatigue, compromised kidney function, and central nervous system damage.[13]

OK, so you won’t microwave plastics that aren’t microwave-safe. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, no. “Microwave safe” is not a particularly strict term. For example, #7 polycarbonate is a durable plastic found in some Tupperware containers and baby bottles. It’s usually labeled as “microwave safe.” The National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences, however, warns that microwaving causes polycarbonate plastic to break down.[14] Polycarbonate releases hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA), especially when heated.[12]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did an analysis on “microwave safe” products. The study found that products marketed for infants release toxic doses of bisphenol A when heated. In a lab, the containers were heated in a microwave or conventional oven. All of them released toxic amounts of BPA—enough to cause neurological damage in lab animals.[15]

In another study, The Washington Post put hundreds of plastic products through “real world” scenarios, including microwave warming. Results showed that hormone-disrupting chemicals seeped from 95% of the products. Worse, that only accounts for the chemicals we already know are dangerous. As lead scientist Deborah Kurrasch, pointed out, “A lot of the alternative chemicals have not been adequately tested because they don’t have to be… A compound is considered safe (by the FDA) until proven otherwise.”[16]

Prepackaged Meals and Microwave Mentality

One final concern I have with microwaves isn’t the appliance themselves, but the unhealthy habits they encourage. While you can certainly use a microwave to steam broccoli, the fact remains that most microwavable food is terrible for your health. The standard microwavable food is processed and premade. We used to call them TV dinners, but as that term became synonymous with cheap food, they’ve been rebranded as prepackaged meals, ready-made meals, frozen dinners, or microwave meals. Regardless of what you call them, they’re terrible for your health.

To stabilize these products for long term freezer storage, manufacturers add unhealthy ingredients like stabilizers and preservatives. As the freezing process ruins the flavor, these meals tend to be loaded with extra salt, unnamed mystery flavorings, and unhealthy fats. These prepackaged, frozen meals are universally less nutritious than fresh food.

Further, if you grow up using microwaves to cook, it fosters impatience and desire for immediate gratification. Cooking is a labor of love. It takes time, sometimes a great deal of time, to properly prepare nutritious food for yourself and your family. If you grow accustomed to hot food being ready in 2 minutes at the push of a button, then the time and effort it takes to make a healthy meal can seem downright unreasonable.

The truth is that there are better options. Even if you’re too busy to spend all day over a hot stove, there are simple, delicious, nutritious meals that can be prepared in about 10 minutes.

Mitigating Reliance on Microwaves

Over the years, many dangers have been attributed to the microwave oven. Some have proven to be unfounded. That doesn’t necessarily mean that microwaves are the healthiest way to cook. I’m not willing to sacrifice nutrition or taste to save a few minutes on meal prep. Weigh the risks and decide for yourself what’s the best choice for you and your family. If you do choose to keep your microwave, then please follow some basic safety tips.

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not stand directly in front of a microwave while in use.
  • Do not microwave plastic, especially plastic bags or wrap.
  • Make sure that the door seals are clean and free of debris.
  • Have all repairs done by a qualified service person only.
  • Never use any microwave if the seals are damaged or if the door is damaged in any way, especially if the door won’t close tightly or if the oven continues to operate with an open door.

Whether you’re concerned about burns or simply poor nutrition, there are simple steps you can take to wean yourself off microwaves and unhealthy microwavable food. The risks of poor habits and poor nutrition are far greater than that of radiation, but a minor risk is still a risk. If you are concerned about the effects of long-term, low-dose radiation poisoning, read this article on natural remedies for dealing with radiation exposure.



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The post Are Microwaves Dangerous to Your Health? appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Make Today

6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Make Today | running-exercise | General Health Special Interests

Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of people make better choices for their life and their health. People from all backgrounds say they feel sick, tired, and depressed. What’s truly scary is that people begin to accept that feeling as normal.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to, nor should you, resign yourself to feeling perpetually run-down and exhausted. Some of the most effective ways to improve your health are simple and accessible to almost everyone. You don’t need a lot of money; you just need the drive to cultivate healthy habits. When people ask me what the best medicine is, do you know what I tell them? The best medicine is a prevention-based lifestyle.

6 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

The six simplest things you can incorporate in your life are sunshine, clean air, fresh water, sleep, exercise, and most of all— a clean, healthy diet. That’s it. Improving these six things can improve anyone’s health. They require no fancy equipment, no special training, no 16-disc instructional DVD set, no payment plan. You can start improving your life yourself, today, right now.

1. Get Some Sunshine

Soaking up the sun has received a lot of bad press in recent years, and everyone now associates the sun’s UV rays with wrinkles and skin cancer. While it’s true that you shouldn’t spend all day in the sun, we’ve swung too far in the other direction, and people are quick to reach for chemically-suspect sunscreens or avoid the sun entirely. In reality, UV rays account for only about one-tenth of 1% of the total global burden of disease. You’re far more likely to get sick from too little sunlight.[1]

Moderate exposure to direct sunshine boosts the health of both your mind and body. In addition to enhancing your mental state, exposure to sunlight directly affects the body’s production of melatonin and can promote more restful sleep. Sunlight is also vital to the body’s ability to produce vitamin D, an incredibly important nutrient that supports cardiovascular health, bone health, and the immune system. In fact, sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, as the nutrient is relatively uncommon in food.

That’s not to say you should ignore the risk of UV-related cancer. As in all things health-related, you must find the right balance. Be smart about your level of sunshine exposure. Try to get at least 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight every day. Avoid sunscreens. At best, they prevent vitamin D production. Worse, many sunscreens contain harsh chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and cause dozens of health problems. If you are out in the glaring sun all day, make use of shade and wear sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and loose-fitting, long-sleeved clothing to avoid sunburn. If you must use sunscreen, only buy organic, mineral and plant-based varieties.

2. Breathe Clean Air

As the old saying goes, you can survive weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. Given its extreme importance, it almost goes without saying that the best air is fresh and clean.

Clean air helps prevent respiratory ailments like asthma or allergies and supplies your body with the oxygen that all living cells need. Breathing dirty air can cause big problems.

A lot of people associate poor air quality with smog or industrial pollution. You may be surprised to learn that, according to the EPA, indoor air quality is usually 2-5x worse than that outside. That may be a best-case scenario; in the worst cases, indoor air can be up to 100x more toxic.[2]

Oddly, efficient construction may be to blame. It’s energy efficient for a building to be sealed up tight, but it also allows for the accumulation and concentration of air pollutants. These pollutants include the VOCs and chemical fumes that off-gas from furniture, paint, flooring materials, and other indoor building materials.

Don’t think an air freshener is going to “clean” the air. Most air fresheners just release an equally toxic chemical fragrance to mask odors.[3] Instead, get an air purification device for your home, preferably one that uses both HEPA and UV filters. You can also open the windows and get a few houseplants; they’re excellent, natural air filters that release clean oxygen. Better yet, go outside in nature and enjoy the fresh air first hand.

3. Stay Hydrated

By some estimates, 75% of people suffer from chronic mild dehydration.[4] This affects your health in more ways than just feeling a bit thirsty. At a minimum, chronic dehydration causes a severe drop in your energy levels. Worse, since 70% of your body is water, dehydration can negatively affect every process in your body, including bone and tissue regeneration, natural detoxification abilities, immune function—all of it. Even blinking your eyes and the beating of your heart require water.

Madison Avenue marketing wizards spend millions of dollars trying to convince us that water is plain and boring. Instead, they say, we should quench our thirst with overpriced, carbonated liquid candy like soda and energy drinks. Don’t listen. You need fresh water to function; there is no substitute. Coffee, sodas, and energy drinks are not good sources of hydration. In fact, the caffeine and sugar are diuretics that cause your body to lose water. Avoid.

How much water do you need? Eight cups a day is the standard recommendation. That’s a fairly good rule of thumb, but it doesn’t account for body size or activity level. A better guideline is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds, drink 90 ounces of water per day. Of course, people’s needs differ based on many factors. Body size, physical activity, external temperature, sweatiness, health, and dozens of other factors all affect how much water you need. Start with the half-your-weight rule as a base and add water as needed.

4. Get Enough Rest

Have you noticed that in some circles, missing several hours of sleep a night is considered a badge of honor while sleeping the full, recommended 8 hours is seen as a weakness? This thinking is completely backward.

Adequate sleep—about 7-8 hours a night for most people—is absolutely necessary for a healthy body and mind. Rest promotes normal hormone levels and neurotransmitter responses. Skipping sleep can lead to poor work performance, car accidents, relationship problems, anger, and depression.[5]

Why are so many people walking around completely exhausted? For most people, the problem isn’t that they’re too busy, it’s that they just need to turn off the TV, put down the phone, and close their eyes. In fact, trying to fall asleep with the TV or other gadgets on will only derail your body’s natural circadian rhythm.[6]

Just put away the smartphone and go to bed. Make your sleeping space as dark as possible. If that’s not feasible, try wearing a sleep mask. It’s a great strategy for blocking out light. And, just as you’ve always heard, aim for about 8 hours of sleep every night.

5. Exercise Often

Exercise is vital to your health and mood. Unequivocally, research shows that your chances of living a long, healthy life are better if you exercise regularly. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advises that regular physical activity reduces mortality rates of many chronic diseases and helps improve or prevent many illnesses and conditions.[7]

You don’t need to have the physique of an Olympian to see health benefits. Even light to moderate exercise can offer tremendous health benefits. Although forty-five minutes to an hour is better for most people, just 30 minutes of moderate activity a few times a week can boost energy levels, help you sleep better, sharpen your mind, and strengthen your defense against illness.

To maximize the benefits, exercise outdoors. Studies have shown that exercising outside promotes endurance, enthusiasm, pleasure, and self-esteem. It also helps reduce depression and fatigue.[8] One study found that people who exercised outside exercised longer and more frequently.[9] Not to mention that exercising outdoors can also help you get your daily dose of sunshine.

6. Follow a Clean Diet

You may be familiar with the expression, “garbage in, garbage out.” The food you eat is a perfect example of that expression in action. Good nutrition is vital to your health. You can exercise and sleep twice as much as anyone else, but without a clean and balanced diet, you will feel down and fatigued.

There are many, many schools of thought on what type of diet is the best. Although there are a few unshakeable principles, it has to be an individual choice. Personally, I both follow and recommend a raw, vegan diet, but everyone has to decide what works for their life.

Most of the animals raised for mass production are raised in squalid conditions and treated inhumanely. Not only is this unnecessarily cruel, but it also promotes diseased animals that yield toxic animal products. A plant-based diet avoids these dangers, but if you do decide to consume meat and dairy, at least avoid the worst of it. Only consume animal products that are produced organically, in a free range environment, with ethical standards in place.

And, while it’s a contentious topic, I believe there’s more than sufficient evidence to avoid genetically modified food, AKA GMOs.[10] Italy, France, Germany, Greece, and dozens of other countries have limited or outright banned these foods. In the United States, however, they are everywhere. Buying organic food is the easiest way to avoid GMOs. According to both U.S. and Canadian law, a product with the “100% Certified Organic” label, it cannot contain any genetically modified organisms.

Finally, get in the habit of making your own food and avoid the mass-produced food products that are usually found in the center of the grocery store—boxed, packaged, and loaded with junk, especially refined carbohydrates. A few years ago, researchers at Princeton even confirmed that sugar is more addictive than heroin. It’s no surprise Americans buy more soda than water.[11]

Most of your grocery shopping should consist of whole, raw foods. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. I won’t say all prepackaged food is terrible for you, but the vast majority of them contain a minefield of suspect ingredients.

There you have it. Six easy, cost-effective tips to transform your health. Have you put any of these into practice? How has it affected your life?



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Source: Alternative news journal

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Government Mandatory Health Care Is Still Tyranny

Government Mandatory Health Care Is Still Tyranny | Health-insurance-CEO-compensation | Civil Rights Government Government Control Medical & Health Special Interests Tyranny & Police State

The failure of the GOP to repeal Obamacare proves once again that the establishment power structure maintains their grip on political policy. The incompetence of Paul Ryan is more closely described as a propensity to be a faithful stooge for the corporatist agenda. It is because of this assessment, which reflects the current state of conduct where nothing ever changes or actually improves society that keeps the malevolent system in place. Regretfully, Big Government is now the GOP Platform.

“Collectivism is alive and well within the party apparatus of the Republican jellyfish tax cutters. This loathsome game of surrender is the hallmark of phony conservatives. The article, Why the GOP are cowards, needs to be read again, since its application has proven once again that big government is in actuality, the default position of the party of double talk.”

The disastrous American Health Care Act had all the fingerprints of being written by the insurance lobbyists. Just like the one originally drafted to guarantee Insurance Companies Profit from Obamacare.

“No one can reasonably deny that the major Insurance Companies were the driving force behind the writing of the Affordable Care Act legislation. “The health care industry spent nearly $500 million lobbying for health care issues in 2012, and $243 million so far in 2013.” Obamacare or Corporate-care: The Writing of the Affordable Care Act, sums up the process.”

The pattern of holding health care hostage to corporate revenue is at the heart of the problem with structuring a viable delivery system of medicine. Obamacare Imperiousness provides the needed background.

“Insurance does not have to be a service for profit. Administrative expenses and actuarial factors could be the pass through costs that determine rates. Under the current protected system, the Obamacare formula guarantees the mega insurance titans returns, while assuring that the quality of medical treatment declines or becomes not existent.”

In order to design a cost effective method to provide health care, the first element is to remove private for profit insurance underwriting from medical coverage. Since economic reality is based upon “there is no free lunch”, individuals need to take responsibility to pay for their healing treatment. The arguments against a government single payment system usually reject the intrinsic right of citizens to pay directly for medical services rendered. Obamacare’s mandate that requires individuals to obtain insurance coverage or to pay an ever increasing fine is pure despotism.

The alternative is to adopt the Medicare administrative processing organization to render payment to doctors and medical facilities. In addition a competitive fee based standard for procedures and treatments needs to be established and continually updated that reflects the evolving capacities and costs for the practice of medicine.

The government would distribute payments for medical services from individual accounts of each person who joins the indemnity coverage scheme. Persons who are presently receiving medical coverage through their employers will receive the benefit of eliminating the profit markup of insurance companies. Employers will immediately receive relief from the Obamacare requirements and will be in a position to increase wages and hire more workers.

Individual taxpayers, who want to be part of this delivery system, will be incentivized to buy life insurance policies ($500,000 minimum) from underwriting actuary companies and assign the beneficial claim rights to the federal program. If at the end of life, the value of the coverage maintains a positive worth after all medical costs are satisfied, the proceeds become part of the person’s estate.

Life insurance companies will be able to invest the premiums from these policies and make capital available for growth and expansion.

Medicare taxes remain on wages and income as a method to maintain the cash flow of the distribution payment system.

For those who chose not the become part of this format, their coverage limits will be reduced by the diminished amount for not maintaining the life insurance component.

Medicaid coverage for the indigent, low income or unwilling to contribute to their own medical care costs, will limit the most expensive procedures that currently are being pitched as entitlements. Charity hospitals and skilled gratis care can once again become part of the culture and be seen as a duty of the medical profession.

The other side of the coin requires a fundamental reform of the medical delivery care. Since an updating fee schedule would be set, federal research funding and incentives need to be designed that will encourage more competition to keep fees down. With reduced paper reporting and regulations, general administrative costs will be lowered.

Dramatic limitations on legal tort actions, restraining excessive judgments and strict consequences for filing frivolous lawsuits is a necessary component of keeping costs in line.

Pharmaceutical drugs need a fast track to release generic, advertisements should be banned from media promotions and aggressive government negotiated and dramatic cost reductions for drug purchases.

Encouragement and expansion of concierge medicine.

The addition of alternative eastern medicine to the coverage standard.

The patient needs to know the cost for each and every treatment and procedure. They need to have a direct relationship for all expenditures to their own pocket book outlays.  The unavoidable rise in medical levies under Obamacare or the Ryan Plan stems from a lack of reducing the actual costs in medical services that are disguised through a byzantine layer of undisclosed charges that are seldom itemized or even known at the time of making a business decision.

Coverage across state lines is being prevented because insurance companies hate competition. The most infamous proponent of stamping out competition was John D. Rockefeller. The History of the Pharma-Cartel is the chronicle of Western medicine that serves special interests at the expense and health of Americans. How Rockefeller Founded Modern Medicine And Killed Natural Cures concludes:

“100 years later, churning out doctors who know nothing about the benefits of nutrition or herbs or any holistic practices. We have an entire society that is enslaved to corporations for its well-being.

America spends 15% of its GDP on healthcare, which should be really called “sick care.” It is focused not on cure, but only on symptoms, thus creating repeat customers. There is no cure for cancer, diabetes, autism, asthma, or even flu.”

What is amazing that so few of these “sick care” patients understand just how deceptive the political warfare over enforcing the no cure therapy that comes from Obamacare or the Ryan lite travesties have taken on the public.

The legacy of the governmental malady that imposed Obamacare is a Public Requiem by Supreme Decree is more dangerous than any virus pathogen.

“Do you have an absolute right to refuse medical treatment? Well, if you recognize the immutable authority of natural rights, you must defend the birthright of individuals to reject the quackery of government-imposed medicine. Common law clearly discerns that there are limits on the power of governments to force human beings into becoming pinned up sheep, against their will. Already far too many cowardly citizens are eager to comply with the next dictate of a tyrannical regime. Subsequently, when the death panels summon you into their diagnostic pool of drugs, why would you want to accept the pharmaceutical prescription for a controlled and managed demise?”

The wasted political capital and falsified misdirection that consume public discourse avoids the real remedy for curing the national epidemic. Watching the blame game when Obamacare ruptures into an appendicitis of unaffordability will explode into a partisan frenzy of disgust.

The forces of despotism want to coerce a socialized governmental controlled system of medical maltreatment. Market alternative elements would be relegated to the scrap heap of terminal afflictions. Much like the payment with cash, the establishment elites and governance bureaucrats want to ban any unconventional treatment as improper or even unlawful.

Since no solution has been agreed to by the political class, the only way to awaking the public mind is to prove the linkage between real world tax tariffs and the overpriced costs of coverage and treatments. When an oppressive deductable is so high that the underlying insurance is not able to be used, what is the point of having coverage?

People must accept that Obamacare was imposed on the public by the entitlement proponents, AKA, the Democratic Party. Since most inflective observers acknowledge that Obamacare will spiral out of control this year, it is unconscionable that both parties are so unwilling to arrive at even a temporary quick fix.

As long as an insurance mandate is a core requirement, the public resentment will grow. As long as the excessive cost of services is not addressed and reduced, having insurance is an endless escalation into bankruptcy. And as long as medical practice is defined as drug based treatment, and avoids the causes of disease and illness, the end result will just keep the laboratory specimens running on a treadmill.

When USA Today publishes, Dying younger: U.S. life expectancy ‘a real problem’, one needs to inquire if the decline in the quality of medicine might be a result of the failed Obamacare sham. Entitlements for those who are unwilling to pay for their own health care is an inevitable prescription to lower the care level for everyone.

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The post Government Mandatory Health Care Is Still Tyranny appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (VIDEO)

New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (VIDEO) | medical-doctor | Civil Rights General Health Government Government Control Government Corruption Losing Rights Medical & Health Multimedia Parental Rights Sleuth Journal Special Interests Vaccines

A new law quietly passed last December contains a waiver of informed consent that eliminates the requirement of pharmaceutical companies to let you know if a medication or vaccine given to you or your child is experimental.

Wow. One last Christmas surprise from President Obama.

This is according to Section 3024, “Informed Consent Waiver for Clinical Investigations” of H.R. 32, the “21st Century Cures Act.” Here’s the wording of the text:

Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.

“Clinical testing” is not clearly defined. Furthermore, who the heck gets to decide what “minimal risk” is? The pharmaceutical companies? The FDA? Medical professionals? How incredibly patronizing.

I don’t know about you, but before taking medication or allowing my children to, I want to know all of the details. What are the risks? What are the potential side effects? What is the worst thing that could happen if we don’t take it?

I want to be fully informed and make my own decision, and anything less than that is a type of condescension that makes my blood boil. My children and I are not Big Pharma’s lab rats.

I hadn’t heard a thing about this until my friend Melissa from Truthstream Media send me the horrifying video below and I knew that I had to let you folks know right away.  Sign up here to stay up to date with the latest news and information that relates to your freedom and well-being.

This video is a must-watch and explains it in far more detail.

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The post New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Employees Who Decline Genetic Testing Could Face Penalties Under Proposed Bill

Employees Who Decline Genetic Testing Could Face Penalties Under Proposed Bill | dna | General Health Medical & Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

By: Against Crony Capitalism |

Better hope your genes are all in order.

“I’m sorry Bill but we can’t promote you as your DNA test shows that you have a genetic tendency toward cancer. We as a firm just can’t take that risk. Also we need to talk about your retirement plans.”

(From The Washington Post)

Employers could impose hefty penalties on employees who decline to participate in genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programs if a bill approved by a U.S. House committee this week becomes law.

In general, employers don’t have that power under existing federal laws, which protect genetic privacy and nondiscrimination. But a bill passed Wednesday by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce would allow employers to get around those obstacles if the information is collected as part of a workplace wellness program.

Such programs — which offer workers a variety of carrots and sticks to monitor and improve their health, such as lowering cholesterol — have become increasingly popular with companies. Some offer discounts on health insurance to employees who complete health-risk assessments. Others might charge people more for smoking. Under the Affordable Care Act, employers are allowed to discount health insurance premiums by up to 30 percent — and in some cases 50 percent — for employees who voluntarily participate in a wellness program where they’re required to meet certain health targets.

And how long until the government gets its hands on this information too? Just think eugenics through the back door.

Click here for the article.

The post Employees Who Decline Genetic Testing Could Face Penalties Under Proposed Bill appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Open Letter to New HHS Secretary Tom Price

Open Letter to New HHS Secretary Tom Price | typewriter-open-letter | Environment General Health Medical & Health Toxins

Dear Secretary Price,

My name is Dr. Edward F. Group III, I am the founder and CEO of Global Healing Center. I would like to congratulate you on your new appointment. As our new Secretary of Health and Human Services, you have the privilege and responsibility of making the most important decisions about the health of all Americans. The most significant way to make America great again is to make America healthy again. Secretary Price, America needs an independent advisory committee to advocate for disease prevention and the implementation of proven natural remedies to address the root cause of America’s health problems.

I have spent over 20 years studying natural medicine. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Healing Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Herbalist. I am also a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), the American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM), and the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (CBCN). I am a veteran of the United States Army and attended Harvard and MIT business schools.

Over the years, my focus has been evaluating the root cause of disease. As part of true healthcare reform and the challenge of repealing and improving on the Affordable Care Act, I would like to volunteer my time, efforts, and expertise to begin this conversation and work towards healing America.

Here is how I propose we work together:

Address the Root Cause of America’s Health Problems

Our current healthcare system does not promote wellness, proven natural remedies, or prevention-based medicine. The allopathic model treats the symptoms of disease, not the root cause. The root cause of disease is exposure to, and the accumulation of toxins that pollute our air, food, and water. We know they damage our health, make us sick, and harm the earth. Lifestyle modifications are known to dramatically reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, which represent the majority of healthcare spending.[1] To change healthcare, we must acknowledge why we are becoming ill, overweight, sterile, and mentally unstable:

  • Toxic Chemicals: Review and replace the use of all toxic, endocrine-disrupting, human-made chemicals such as herbicides, VOCs, fire retardants, pesticides, and phthalates that are destroying our bodies, soil, and earth.[2]
  • GMO Foods: Review the production of all GMO food crops which will also reduce the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides. We know that the health of gut flora is closely tied to the health of soil flora.[3] GMO foods are saturated with toxic chemicals that are unhealthy and cause disease.[4]
  • Toxic Food and Beverages: Review and study the use of all artificial ingredients, sweeteners [5], colors, dyes, chemicals, refined sugars, alcohol, MSG, preservatives, and synthetic compounds added to our food and beverages. Determine the safety of each by the use and funding of third-party research groups.
  • Vaccines: Allocate funding and appoint a third-party research team free of ties to the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and flu shots [6], and, specifically, study the health of vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children.
  • Toxic Water: Establish a team of qualified scientists focused on cleaning up our water supplies as well as municipal water. Review the use of fluoride and chlorine and determine ways to eliminate chemicals, herbicide, heavy metals, fracking compounds, and prescription drug residue found in the water supply. [7][8]
  • EMF Exposure: Establish a team of independent scientists to review the health-depleting effects of wifi, smart meters, cell phones, cell phone towers, body scanners in airports, and other forms of harmful EMF exposure.
  • Toxic Air: In the last ten years, respiratory disease in the US has moved from the eighth to the third highest cause of death. Asthma rates have more than doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that is caused by aluminum poisoning, has also skyrocketed.

Establish Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

About one-third of Americans rely on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and spend over $30 billion annually on health-related expenses. Most pay out of pocket because insurance doesn’t cover treatments. This needs to change if we want to reduce our healthcare costs as a nation. Regulatory agencies and insurance companies dictate treatment guidelines and often exclude preventative and proven alternative medicine from coverage. Americans deserve the freedom to choose the healthcare they prefer and have their treatments covered by insurance providers, the VA, and Medicare and Medicaid. We need to give people the freedom to choose between natural and allopathic healthcare and insurance companies need to cover it, including preventative care such as chiropractic, nutrition, massage, and acupuncture.

Appoint a Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

To execute the above, we need to assemble a team of scientists, experts, and independent researchers who have no ties to the pharmaceutical, food, or chemical industries. Their job will be to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of all artificial ingredients, genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, colors, dyes, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, phthalates, refined sugars, preservatives, and other toxic compounds used in food and beverage production.

I am happy to volunteer my time, efforts, and expertise to begin this conversation and work towards healing America. Let’s make America great again by making America healthy again.

Here is a video I put together addressing my concerns in more detail:

Dear President Trump: Make America Healthy Again

Thank you,

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

PS: To the Readers,

Submit your ideas for simple, sweeping, and systemic changes that can help us take back our health as individuals and as a nation. Additionally, contact Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and ask him to appoint a Health and Wellness Advisory Committee to address the root cause of our health care problems in America.


View the Official Press Release: Doctors Call On HHS Sec. Tom Price to Establish Health and Wellness Advisory Committee Under New Health Care Plan



References (8)
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The post Open Letter to New HHS Secretary Tom Price appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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