99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand

99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | preppers | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests

Prepping isn’t all about wiling away your hours in a bunker, reloading ammo. It’s about the everyday things we do and the differences in our mindsets from non-preppers, and these are things that only real preppers will understand.

Preppers know these are actually signs of sanity, but we get used to being misunderstood by the unprepared and the mainstream media, who all seem to think that we’re crazy. Sometimes it’s fun to have a good laugh about their misconceptions of what we actually do.

You might be a prepper if these signs relate to you.

Many of the following signs will be so relatable that they’ll probably give you a warm glow. Feel the prepper solidarity!

  1. Pantries are so mainstream…you have food stashed in strange places in every room of the house.
  2. You have enough toilet paper to get through a year of uncomfortable digestive upsets…occurring with 6 people simultaneously
  3. Speaking of which, you possess at least 3 different ways to use the bathroom, only one of which is an actual bathroom.
  4. Your kids know what OPSEC means…at the age of 4.
  5. You have topographical maps of your area…plural.
  6. When you’re forced to interact with “the others” you feel like you are awkwardly censoring your true opinions
  7. You think nothing of treating an injury or illness yourself because “what if there was no doctor?
  8. Paintball and laser tag99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006QHC8VU | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests  are no longer just a fun way to spend an afternoon  …they are tactical training.
  9. You’ve purchased duct tape in bulk.
  10. With every major purchase, you contemplate going for the off-grid version.
  11. You have more manual tools than power tools.
  12. You’ve washed entire loads of laundry by hand for either necessity or practice. (And not just your dainties…we’re talking about jeans and stuff!)
  13. Your kids are not afraid of guns…or fingers pointed like guns…or pastries in the shape of guns…or drawings of guns.
  14. When house-hunting you look for multiple heat and water sources.
  15. You store food in buckets…lots of buckets…like, maybe even a whole room full of buckets.
  16. You garden with a determination and time commitment normally reserved for endurance athletes training for an Ironman triathlon.
  17. If you don’t have a water source on your property, you have put in miles of footwork searching for one nearby, and have mapped multiple discreet routes to and from the source, and figured out how to haul the water back to your house on each route.
  18. Your first instinct when hearing about some event on the mainstream news is skepticism. (False flag event, anyone?)
  19. You read articles about multiple ways to use white vinegar and nod your head throughout.
  20. You believe that FEMA camps are real and that you are most likely on “The List”.
  21. Instead of CNN, you have alternative news sites bookmarked in your favorites on your computer.
  22. You have enough coffee/tea/favorite-caffeinated-item-of-choice to last you through 3 apocalypses.
  23. You could outfit a small-town pharmacy with all of the over-the-counter medications you have stashed away.
  24. You have an instinctive mistrust of anyone working for the government.
  25. You could sink a ship with the weight of your stored ammo. In fact, you put it in the basement when you became concerned about your floorboards.
  26. Looking for a fun weekend outing with the kids? Forget amusement parks –  the shooting range is where it’s at.
  27. When the power goes out, you calmly light the candles and proceed with whatever you had been dong previously.
  28. A longer-term power outage is called “practice”.
  29. If a like-minded person comes over to your house, they’ll realize you are “one of them” by seeing your reading material. Other folks won’t even notice. The FBI might call your copy of The Prepper’s Blueprint and your A. American fiction  “subversive literature”.
  30. Your children carry a modified bug-out kit in their school backpacks.
  31. You can and dehydrate food with the single-minded fervor of an Amish grandmother facing a 7-year drought.
  32. Calling 911 is not part of your home security plan.
  33. You spend your days off digging an underground bunker in your backyard.
  34. You have more than a thousand cheapo lighters that you purchased in bulk, stashed away in the back of your linen closet…and you don’t even smoke.
  35. You eat a lot of survival food now, so there is no ‘system shock’ when you are forced to eat only the items you have stocked (or that you GROW – hint hint).
  36. You stock alcohol in mass quantities so you can comfortably numb after the SHTF.
  37. You stock alcohol in mass quantities – and you don’t even drink. (Barter, baby!)
  38. You know what? Forget stocking alcohol.  You have your own still99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00A943BFI | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests .  You’ll make alcohol.
  39. You have enough salt to create another Dead Sea.
  40. You don’t move – you strategically relocate.
  41. You purchased 50 of these little EDC multitaskers 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006E0QAFY | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests already for stocking stuffers for your friends/family/workmates/neighbor/random stranger.
  42. Speaking of Christmas, you gave Conflicted to everyone last year.
  43. When your friends ask about your favorite authors, instead of Hemmingway, Tolkien, or Kerouac, you get a blank stare when you tell them it’s John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=ur2&o=1 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests .
  44. You know exactly how many Mountain House buckets 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00955DUHQ | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests it takes to make a base for a single bed.
  45. You don’t stock up on milk. You get an actual cow.
  46. Your family doesn’t dare take something from the food stockpile without marking it off the list.
  47. Your kids know how to don a gas mask in 30 seconds.
  48. Everyone in your survival group carries the same firearm so that ammo is standardized.
  49. You have non-electric versions of appliances like wheat grinders99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0038NPJVG | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests , washing machines99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B002C8HR9A | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests , and coffee makers99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0000CFLCT | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests .
  50. You yell at the TV every time a commercial for Doomsday Preppers comes on.  Oh. Wait. You don’t have a TV. But if you did, you’d yell, because you know how positively ridiculous and unrealistic that show is.
  51. Your family is no longer surprised when you announce, “Hey, we’re going to learn how to make (insert anything here)!”
  52. You have more how-to books stored on hard-drives than most public libraries have on the bookshelves.
  53. Your children have a plan in case they need to bug out from school.
  54. Alternatively, you homeschool and bugging out is part of the curriculum.
  55. You have more than three ways to cook dinner if the power goes out: a woodstove, a barbecue, a sun oven99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00C9OV8VK | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests , a fire-pit, and/or a volcano stove99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000FDKXN6 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests .
  56. First Blood99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0004Z33EG | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests and Red Dawn 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005QG2DGC | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests are basic training films for your family.
  57. You have long since accepted the idea that if you’re not on someone’s list, you’re probably not doing it right.
  58. Your 7-year-old knows Morse code.
  59. You’re secretly disappointed when the electricity comes back on after only a few minutes.
  60. You know more ways to make a homemade knife than the entire population of your local prison combined.
  61. You don’t just rotate food, you rotate ammo.
  62. You know the distance from your door to your front gate is precisely 207 yards.
  63. Moving to a new house is no longer “moving”, but “strategic relocation99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1568612621 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests “.
  64. You have mapped out at least 3 different routes by car and 2 different routes on foot to get to your bug-out location.
  65. You know the difference between “Tyvek99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00821J4JC | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests ” and “Tychem99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005QQFHI8 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests ” suits, and in which instance they should be used.
  66. Ditto the finer points of N-95 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0002YKBV2 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests vs. N-10099 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B008MCV43K | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests masks.
  67. You watch The Walking Dead99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=ur2&o=1 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests  in order to critique their survival tactics. (And you were secretly delighted to see Beth building a fire in a Dakota pit.)
  68. Speaking of fire, you can start one in at least 3 different ways, and you always carry a lighter, a fresnel lens99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005MPREQ6 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests , and a magnesium firestarter99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0013L2DKU | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests .
  69. You have two (or more) of everything important, well, because “one is none.”
  70. You have a decoy food supply.
  71. Your kids think it’s a fun game to see who can find the most potential weapons in a room.
  72. Even your dog has a bug out bag99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand | ir?t=prepping0a-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000HJJHXK | News Articles PreparednessSurvival Special Interests  – which she carries herself.
  73. You have elected NOT to purchase greater armament because you plan on upgrading with your future assailant’s weaponry.
  74. Your EDC includes a knife, firearm w/extra mag, flashlight, mylar blanket, Chapstick, and an ounce of silver — and that’s just for when you’re walking the dog.
  75. The trunk of your car has enough supplies to carry the family through an entire week during a major blizzard.
  76. One criterion for your new winter coat is that it fits over your body armor.
  77. Your neighbors separate their compost for you into a) chicken food b) garden food and c) other
  78. You scour travel size aisles because they fit better in bug-out bags and they make great barter items.
  79. You check out the garden center and pest control section for potential weapons.
  80. Your subscribed channels for YouTube and bookmarks now contain more prepper and alternative media sites than cute animal sites.
  81. Christmas and birthday gifts have a prepper theme.
  82. You actually know what the letters “EMP” stand for.
  83. Every time there is a small household “disaster” like a power outage or local water “boil order” you just grab your emergency supplies and remind dubious family members. “See, told you it pays to be prepared.”
  84. Your freeze-dried food has a longer expiration date than you do
  85. You know how to make bows out of skis and arrows out of garden bamboo.
  86. You have (or are seriously considering, buying) an old armored personnel carrier to turn into your RV.
  87. You know that Falling Skies has better idea for post-apocalyptic survival than The Walking Dead or Z Nation but you still watch them all just in case
  88. Your friend asks “Do you have enough bullets?” then you both laugh and laugh because you know you can never have enough.
  89. You changed your home page from MSN (or any other propaganda media) to Drudge Report or SHTFplan.
  90. You have no problem knocking on strangers’ doors to ask for fruit tree cuttings
  91. You have vacuum packed underwear in a plastic tub stashed somewhere in your house
  92. You just might have more medical supplies than the local ER.
  93. The Co-op and Costco recognize you but pretend not to. They know better than to ask questions about your purchases.
  94. If you’re a man you are no longer embarrassed to buy tampons and sanitary napkins because they make great bandages.
  95. If you’re a woman you know you don’t need to buy tampons or sanitary napkins because so many other options exist.
  96.  You actually own a toilet seat that fits on a bucket.
  97. You have enough wood cut and stacked to form a barricade around your whole property.
  98. Admit it. Every time the power goes out, you go see if your car starts so you can get the jump on hunkering down or buying out the store with case in the event that this one is actually an EMP.
  99. You have considered filtering water with a coffee filter or a t-shirt.

Do you have more prepper signs to add?

These signs that you might be one of those “crazy preppers” are consolidated from the hive mind of two previous articles and comments from the readers. (Find them here and here.) Do you have more signs to add?  Share them in the comments section below.

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The post 99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Work in Russia Despite Sanctions

Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Work in Russia Despite Sanctions | exxon-mobil | Economy & Business News Articles

(image: Mike Mozart via Flickr -Modified)

(Fox Business) Exxon Mobil Corp. has applied to the Treasury Department for a waiver from U.S. sanctions on Russia in a bid to resume its joint venture with state oil giant PAO Rosneft, according to people familiar with the matter.

Exxon has been seeking U.S. permission to drill with Rosneft in several areas banned by sanctions and applied in recent months for a waiver to proceed in the Black Sea, according to these people.

The Black Sea request is likely to be closely scrutinized by members of Congress who are seeking to intensify sanctions on Russia in response to what the U.S. said was its use of cyberattacks to interfere with elections last year. Congress has also launched an investigation into whether there were ties between aides to Donald Trump and Russia’s government during the presidential campaign and the political transition.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is Exxon’s former chief executive officer and forged a close working relationship with Rosneft and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The State Department is among the U.S. government agencies that have a say on Exxon’s waiver application, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Mr. Tillerson is recusing himself from any matters involving Exxon for two years, and won’t be involved with any decision made by any government agency involving Exxon during this period, a State Department spokesman said.

Read More…

The post Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Work in Russia Despite Sanctions appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Credit Card Nation: Why The Facebook Killer And The U.S. Congress Have A Great Deal In Common

Credit Card Nation: Why The Facebook Killer And The U.S. Congress Have A Great Deal In Common | Steve-Stephens-Photo-from-Cleveland-Police-460x329 | Economy & Business News Articles

Most Americans have seemingly convinced themselves that as a society we will never pay a great price for going into so much debt and that we will never pay a great price for the horrendous crimes against humanity that we are committing on a daily basis.  If you don’t understand what I am talking about, just keep reading the rest of this article.  Just as there are consequences for our actions individually, so there are also consequences for our actions as a society.  And although our national day of reckoning has been put off for quite some time, when it does finally arrive the pain is going to be absolutely unimaginable.

Just recently, I was astounded to learn that the total amount of credit card debt in the United States has crossed the trillion dollar mark.  It boggles my mind that so many Americans could be so foolish, because credit card debt is one of the worst forms of debt in existence, and financial experts all over the country have spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy trying to get this message across to people.

But even though people know that going into credit card debt is bad, they just keep on doing it anyway.  We have become a “buy now, pay later” society that gives very little consideration to long-term consequences.

On a national level, we are now nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt, and a historic showdown over government spending and debt threatens to absolutely paralyze the federal government at the end of this month.  At this point many believe that it will be virtually impossible for Congress to avoid a government shutdown on April 29th, and once it begins Donald Trump’s entire agenda will come to a complete and total crashing halt until the crisis is resolved.  The following comes from David Stockman

In the meanwhile, everything else — health care reform, tax cuts, infrastructure — will become backed-up in an endless queue of legislative impossibilities. Accordingly, there will be no big tax cut in 2017 or even next year. For all practical purposes Uncle Sam is broke and his elected managers are paralyzed.

The Treasury will be out of cash and up against a hard stop debt limit of $19.8 trillion in a matter of months. But long before that there will be a taste of the Shutdown Syndrome on April 28 owing to the accumulating number of “poison pill” “riders” to the CR.

These include the virtual certainty of riders to the House bill to “defund” Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities. Other extraneous amendments will also possibly include funds demanded by the White House to start the Mexican Wall, enhance deportations and fund some of Trump’s $54 billion defense increase.

I am so glad that Stockman mentioned Planned Parenthood, because the decision whether or not to continue funding Planned Parenthood is going to be one of the central issues of this upcoming crisis.

Currently, the U.S. government gives Planned Parenthood roughly $500,000,000 a year.  By law, none of that money is supposed to be used to provide abortions, but everyone knows what the real deal is.

Some Planned Parenthood clinics do provide other services, but at the end of the day Planned Parenthood’s core business is abortion.  In fact, since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 they have killed far more babies than anyone else in the United States by a very wide margin.

And for decades, the U.S. government has been the number one source of funding for Planned Parenthood.  In fact, there are questions as to whether or not Planned Parenthood would be able to continue as a viable business without money from the federal government.

Over the years, when members of Congress have voted to shower Planned Parenthood with hundreds of millions of dollars a year, they have not done it in the heat of the moment.  Rather, their votes have been the result of cold, calculated decision-making processes.

In other words, the members of Congress that have been voting to keep funding Planned Parenthood year after year have the blood of millions of dead children on their hands, and there is very little difference between them and Facebook killer Steve Stephens.

When Stephens broadcast the cold-hearted murder of a 74-year-old man on Facebook on Sunday, he instantly became a worldwide celebrity.  And even though most people in the country have now seen his face, he continues to somehow elude authorities.

What Stephens has done is absolutely horrific, and when he is finally caught he will pay greatly for his crimes.

Just like Stephens, America is on the run today.  We keep thinking that we will never have to pay a price for the tens of millions of children that we have killed, and our government continues to fund the slaughtering of the innocents that goes on every single day in this nation.

But now Congress is going to be given one more chance to make the right decision.

The Republicans have control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  They have the power to defund Planned Parenthood, but it is going to take a tremendous amount of resolve.

That is because under the current rules it is going to take 60 votes to get a spending agreement through the Senate, and so the Republicans will need at least 8 Democratic votes to get any bill to Trump’s desk.

Sadly, the Democrats are pledging to stretch out a government shutdown indefinitely if Republicans try to defund Planned Parenthood.

So what will the Republicans do?  Well, they could change the rules in the Senate to require only a simple majority vote on spending bills, and that would essentially be the “thermonuclear option”.

Or they could give in, but if they do that it would likely mean that Planned Parenthood will never be defunded, because the Republicans will never have a better opportunity than they do right now.

And I have a feeling that is what is going to happen.  I have a feeling that the Republicans are going to give in at some point and agree to keep giving Planned Parenthood half a billion dollars a year.

If that is indeed what happens, both the Democrats and the Republicans that help pass such a bill will be cold-blooded killers just like Facebook killer Steve Stephens, only those Democrats and those Republicans will have far more blood on their hands than Stephens does.

Most people do not realize this, but without a doubt this is one of the most critical moments in modern American history.  And if the funding of Planned Parenthood continues, I have a feeling that is going to mean that our national day of reckoning is much closer than most people would dare to imagine.

If we do not stop what we are doing, someday our crimes will catch up to us, and the debt that we will owe at that point will be far beyond what we can bear to pay.

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The post Credit Card Nation: Why The Facebook Killer And The U.S. Congress Have A Great Deal In Common appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Jeff Brown: China Moves 30% More Funds into Physical Gold Bars – Ingots (VIDEO)

Jeff Brown: China Moves 30% More Funds into Physical Gold Bars – Ingots (VIDEO) | Daily-Coin-interview-on-Trump-Xi-Syria-and-gold-170413 | Economy & Business Multimedia News Articles Special Interests

As most people know President Trump held his first meeting with China’s President, Xi Jingping on Thursday April 6, 2017. This was also the day the President Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles at Syria. The aim was Shyrat Airfield. It is curious that Trump would launch a missile attack against Syria while visiting with America’s number one trading partner – China. China had just recently announced they would assist Syria in the rebuilding effort from the damage of several years of on going war. What was this missile attack really about? Why would Trump use this occasion to initiate his first major act of war?

I sat down with Jeff Brown, China Rising, our eyes and ears on the ground in China, who has lived in China for more than 15 years. Jeff has written two books about China and is currently working on a third. Jeff has a keen sense of what is happening as his field of study centers around the government and economics of China.

Jeff, along with most of the people reviewing the Syrian missile attack are struggling to make sense of the whole situation. On paper there could be any number of reasons and in theory there are any number of reasons Trump decided to launch this attack.

Show of force, showing China the U.S. is still in charge or pick any reason from there. What has happened since is where the real story lives. Lavrov meeting with Tillerson, Putin stating the “sarin gas attack was a false flag” event. China threatening North Korea. There are any number of situations that have come to the surface that, almost, overshadow what happened in Syria. Syria seemingly was just a spark to make our already mixed up world a little crazier.

We turned our attention to the developments in electronic gold and this is where the conversation gets really interesting. During the Chinese Lunar New Year, in February, the citizens of China decided to make use of a phone app called “We Chat”. This app allows the user to send money via their phone to anyone who has a We Chat account. This year, during the celebration, instead of sending money the citizens decided to utilize one of the new functions and send micro-gold. Micro-gold allows a person to transfer as little as 1/1,000th a gram of gold to as much as one kilo of gold via We Chat to anyone who has an account. It has been reported there were more than $14.5 million worth of gold transactions during the New Year – which is a two week period. Jeff reports there were more than 300,000 new gold accounts opened at the various banks throughout China.

What makes this different is the banks in China all have gold on hand to “sell” to the public. Anyone can walk into a bank and acquire physical gold. A person can now walk into a bank and convert their We Chat electronic gold into physical gold via the nearest bank. That seems to be brining more Chinese to the gold table.

This is an in-depth show and Jeff, as usual, keeps us up to date with what is happening on the ground in China.

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The post Jeff Brown: China Moves 30% More Funds into Physical Gold Bars – Ingots (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Tech Stocks Experience Their Longest Losing Streak In 5 Years As Panic Begins To Grip The Market

Tech Stocks Experience Their Longest Losing Streak In 5 Years As Panic Begins To Grip The Market | Bull-Market-Bear-Market-Public-Domain-700x468 | Economy & Business News Articles

S&P 500 tech stocks have now fallen for 9 days in a row. The last time tech stocks declined for so many days in a row was in 2012, and that was the only other time in history when we have seen such a long losing streak. As I have stated before, the post-election “Trump rally” is officially done, and the market is starting to roll over as investors begin to realize that all of the buying momentum has completely evaporated. Tech stocks tend to be particularly volatile, and so the fact that they are starting to lead the way down should definitely be alarming to many in the investing community.

Of course it isn’t just tech stocks that are falling. The Dow was down another 59 points on Wednesday, and the S&P 500 has closed beneath its 50 day moving average for the very first time since the election. For those that have been waiting for a key technical signal before getting out of the market, there is one for you.

The price of gold was up again, and that is definitely not surprising in this geopolitical environment. The closer we get to war the higher gold and silver prices will go, and if we actually get into a major conflict we will see them blast into the stratosphere.

Another key indicator that I am watching very closely is the VIX. On Wednesday it shot up above 16 for the very first time since the day after Trump’s election victory, and many believe that it could soon go much higher. The following is an excerpt from a CNBC report

The VIX measures the size of the S&P 500’s expected moves over the next 30 days, and consequently tends to run just a bit hotter than volatility over the past 30 days. Yet one-month realized volatility is just 6.7, meaning the VIX is at a roughly 9-point premium, which Chintawongvanich calls “highly unusual.”

That said, he notes that implied volatility was also at a large premium preceding the U.K. referendum to leave the EU and the U.S. presidential election. The obvious conclusion is that the market is now similarly preparing itself for the French presidential election, which is set to be held on April 23. Some fear that a populist candidate could prevail, which may cause more problems for the European Union and thus for economic stability.

As noted in that excerpt, the upcoming French election is absolutely huge. If the election goes “the wrong way” according to the globalists, it could literally mean the end of the European Union as it is configured today.

And of course of even greater concern is the global march toward war. It is being reported that North Korea is on the verge of a major nuclear weapons test, and such an act of defiance could be enough to push Donald Trump into conducting a major military strike.

But if Trump does hit North Korea, it is quite likely that North Korea will hit back. The North Koreans are promising to use nuclear weapons in any conflict with the United States, and if Trump bungles this thing we could easily be looking at a scenario in which millions of people end up dead.

Things also continue to get more tense in the Middle East. The Russians and the Iranians are promising to respond to any additional U.S. strikes “with force”, and on Wednesday Trump declared that our relationship with Russia “may be at an all-time low”.

Of course this came shortly after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used similar language following his face to face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin held more than two hours of “very frank” talks Wednesday in the Kremlin amid tensions over a U.S. airstrike against a Syria air base blamed for last week’s deadly chemical attack.

In remarks to reporters after the meeting, Tillerson said he told the Russian leader that current relations between the two countries are at a “low point.”

If the Trump administration conducts any more strikes on Syria, it is quite likely that the Russians and Iranians will make good on their threats and will start firing back.

And once U.S. aircraft or U.S. naval vessels come under fire, the calls for war in Washington will become absolutely deafening.

Unfortunately, Trump is not likely to back down any time soon because the recent missile strike in Syria has dramatically boosted his popularity. According to every recent survey, the American people overwhelmingly approve of what Trump did…

A Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday found that 57% of Americans supported airstrikes in Syria, 58% supported establishing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria including strikes against Syria’s air-defense systems, and 63% of Americans thought the US should do more to end the Syrian conflict. Even more, 66% of respondents said they supported the Trump administration’s strike last week specifically.

This mirrored results of another recent poll from CBS News in which 57% of Americans said they approved of the US strike. A Pew Research Center survey from this week showed a similar level of support, with 58% of Americans approving of the strike.

Sadly, this is a time when the majority is dead wrong. Many of those that are supporting military action against Syria now were vehemently against it when Barack Obama was considering it.

Even Donald Trump spoke out very strongly against military intervention in Syria in 2013, and he was quite right to do so, and so what has suddenly changed that now makes it okay?

There is nothing to be gained in Syria, but we could very easily end up in a direct military conflict with Russia, Iran and Hezbollah which could ultimately prove to be the spark that sets off World War III.

And of course a military strike on North Korea could also potentially spark a global war. The first Korean War resulted in a direct military conflict between the United States and China, and the second Korean War could easily result in the exact same thing happening again.

Do the American people really want war with both Russia and China at the same time?

It has been said that you should be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

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7 Organic Baby Products to Know About

7 Organic Baby Products to Know About | baby | GMOs News Articles Organics Special Interests

If you are concerned about getting chemical-free, non-genetically modified foods and products for yourself, you are likely concerned about the same for your baby. We know these products can cause long-term negative health effects, yet they continue to be marketed to the masses.

When it comes to baby products, organic is always best. Infants have been found to carry the glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) toxin with them from birth. But we can prevent them from getting more by ensuring the products we feed them and put on their skin are 100% organic. If you can, preparing their food using locally grown organics is optimal. But, if you can’t, choose certified organic products. The list below is a good place to start.

Little Duck Organic Tiny Fruits

Little Duck makes a few different baby products, but their Tiny Fruits are by far the most popular. The ingredients are few and they are 100% organic and verified non-GMO. There is also no added sugar, and according to the official website, “no zombies” included.

Oh Baby Foods

Like Little Duck, the Oh Baby Foods products are also certified organic and non-GMO verified. They are “regionally raised” and US grown. They also contain amazing ingredients like kale, ginger, basil, and more.

Earth’s Best Cereals

The Earth’s Best Company makes a variety of baby foods and products. Because cereal will likely be your baby’s first solid food, you want it to be high quality organic. Their baby cereals are organic with no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides or herbicides. They are also free of salt, sugar, added colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Yummy Spoonfuls Baby Foods

Yummy Spoonfuls made the list because their ingredients are simple. Their stage 1 foods, known as their “Creamy Yummy” line, contain two ingredients each. The Organic Potatoes, for instance, contain organic potatoes and water. All of their foods are certified organic and all of their packaging is BPA-free.

Plum Organics Just Fruit

The Plum Organics Just Fruit products are designed for babies. They are simple, all-fruit food products that are certified organic and packaged in BPA-free pouches. The ingredients are simple, usually containing only one component: organic apples, for instance.

Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Cream

With skin care products, mostly organic ingredients is often the best you can do. With Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush cream, you are getting 96% certified organic ingredients—and that’s measures above many others that call themselves “natural” and “organic”. This cream also has zero toxins on the Environmental Working Group’s skin deep database, and includes ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, yarrow herb, and calendula.

Earth’s Best Teething Biscuits

When your baby is teething, biscuits are a savior. Earth’s Best makes a few different “Toddler Biscuits” that are USDA organic and contain no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, or herbicides. They also contain no added sugar and are instead sweetened with organic cane juice.

Bonus! Any Product from Ella’s Kitchen

I’ve also come across Ella’s Kitchen and am very impressed with their products! Ella’s Kitchen produces 100% organic food for your little one. Not only do they leave out the added salt, sugar, preservatives, and GMO’s, but many of their foods also come in extremely convenient easy-to-grab packets with a twist-off cap. They carry a range of delicious foods that are perfect for little hands!

If you can, make your own baby foods and products. But when you need to rely on someone else, make sure you are giving your child the best products for their long-term health and wellness. In other words, ditch the Cheerios and sliced up hot dogs!

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How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Food

How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Food | baby-food | General Health News Articles Organics Special Interests

If genetically-modified and chemically-laden produce can cause adverse health effects in adults, imagine what it can do to an infant. Yet, many people who will buy their own organic produce also reach for conventional baby food when shopping for their little ones. Thankfully, making your own organic baby food is simple and can be quite enjoyable.

To make the best organic baby food, you will need to start with the best ingredients. If you can, grow it yourself. But if not, be sure to purchase the right produce. Buy local, organic produce whenever possible in order to maximize the nutritional benefits and freshness.

Local foods aren’t only more fresh, they support local organic farmers who are bucking the traditional system in an effort to bring you healthy food. If local organics aren’t an option, find a grocery store with a good selection of organic produce. When you get it home, no matter where it’s from, wash it well.

What Ingredients are Best?

The ingredients for your homemade organic baby food are simple: fresh produce. Some fruits and vegetables will need a little liquid added. If this is the case, choose breast milk in the event you are nursing. If not, you may use water.

To Cook or Not to Cook?

If the fruit or veggie you are using is hard (potatoes, apples, etc.), cook them just long enough to soften. Puree your produce, adding a little liquid if necessary. You don’t need the fancy baby food machine many retailers are hawking right now; a blender or food processor will work fine. With softer vegetables, like cooked sweet potatoes, even a fork will get the job done.

Fresh Does Not Mean Store it for 2 Months

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, fresh is best. The sooner you can get your baby food made and fed to your child the better. As produce is stored, the level of nitrates within grows. Either plan to make only what your child will eat in one setting or consider freezing what you don’t use. Ice cube trays are a great idea for freezing small portions.

Here are a few additional tips and tricks when making your own organic baby food:

  • Get creative. Combine fruits for new unique flavors. Eating is a brand new experience for your child and their face will display how exciting new flavors can be.
  • If you’re not raising a little vegetarian, you can also make baby food from meats like chicken and salmon. Be certain, however, that the meat is organic and cooked to proper temperatures.
  • You can even make organic cereals. For instance, buy organic brown rice and process it into a fine flour. Then, add water or breast milk and cook.
  • Don’t sweat it. You can easily make baby food to match what you are making the rest of the family. If you are making green beans to go with dinner, put a small amount in the food processor for baby. There’s no need to make separate meals every time.

Preschoolers who eat a conventional diet have up to six times greater concentrations of pesticide residue in their bodies. Infants are even now being born with GMO toxins in their blood. We owe it to these children to take control of their health. We can’t rely on the food companies to do it for us.


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The post How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Food appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Prepper Stories: Adventures in Adaptability

Prepper Stories: Adventures in Adaptability | chameleon-abstract | News Articles PreparednessSurvival

When things go awry, do you instantly try to return to normalcy or do you think about ways to adapt to the situation?  Adaptability will make you a much better prepper.

Did you ever see a flower growing out of a brick wall or a crack in the sidewalk? That flower is blooming against all the odds because it adapted to an unfriendly environment and found a way to grow and blossom despite the concrete getting in its way.

And we, as preppers, can be likewise adaptable.

Here’s what got me thinking about this.

We’re moving in just a few weeks and the propane in our rented tank has run out. So (because I’m cheap – ahem – frugal) I’m not getting it refilled. It’s a rented tank and is being picked up by the propane company when we move, since the folks moving in after we leave own a propane tank that they’ll install. The company won’t give me just a little bit of propane, so, to save several hundred dollars, we’re going to just live without it for a few weeks.

Our own adventure

This is far from the end of the world. It’s not an earthshaking emergency by any stretch. But it’s an interesting adaptability challenge, right?

At our house, no propane means:

  • No hot water
  • No dryer
  • No stovetop
  • No oven
  • No central heat

But there are numerous easy solutions to all of these concerns. Having all of the things above at the turn of a dial or flip of a faucet are luxuries rather than necessities. There are lots of other ways to acquire hot water, heat, and food.

Figuring out ways to do things outside of your normal methods is a great mental exercise for emergencies that make life anything but normal. My (long-suffering) children are pros at this. By now, they know that resistance is futile when Mom says, “Hey, this will be an adventure. Let’s do an awesome experiment!”

We can:

  • Boil water with an electric kettle or on the woodstove
  • Shower at a nearby campground for a small fee
  • Hang our clothes (which we usually do anyway)
  • Cook using the kettle, the woodstove, and the crockpot
  • Reheat using the microwave
  • Heat our house with the woodstove

Easy-peasy, right?

Sometimes, you have to be flexible.

One thing I want to add is this: unusual times can call for unusual measures. Like the microwave. We hardly ever use a microwave and had to dig this one out of storage. I’m pretty sure using it to reheat things for a couple of weeks won’t be a terribly big deal. We’re eating food that isn’t our normal fare – storebought sourdough instead of homemade, frozen organic waffles, and things like that. This isn’t a long-term lifestyle change, but a temporary adaptation to a situation.

It helps a lot to be flexible. Even though we generally eat a from-scratch, organic diet and we don’t “nuke” our food, for a couple of weeks, I am going to be flexible on those points. Decide which points are essential to your health and well-being and which ones can be subject to adjustment during an “adventure.” You will fare much better if you can go with the flow in these kinds of situations.

Currently, at about 6 am, there’s a fire taking the nighttime chill off our house, there’s a sink full of dishes soaking in 3 kettle’s worth of hot soapy water, and there’s a homemade vegetable soup simmering away in the crockpot on the counter. We have a fresh loaf of sourdough from the market to have with our dinner. For breakfast, there are frozen waffles for the toaster and some fruit, and for lunch, we’ll have burritos made from canned beans and store-bought tortillas.

Yum. We’re not suffering one bit.

10 Preppers Share Their Stories of Adaptability

I asked the community over on Facebook to tell me about situations during which they adapted so that I could share the information here. In every single story, they showed creativity, frugality, and a willingness to be flexible and adapt to a situation that was beyond their control. People like this will survive when everything changes because they are willing to accept a different reality and figure out a plan on which to act. They didn’t waste time crying or complaining. They simply adapted.

Check out their fantastic and inspiring stories below.

1.) Stephanie

We lived at our cottage for 8 months while the house was being built. For various reasons, there was only running water for half that time and never to the shower. We had neighbours who offered a hose from their place and we could gather water from a lake just down the road. We collected water off the roof and bought water for cooking and drinking. We didn’t end up using the neighbour’s hose or the lake, but that roof water barrel was pretty low on moving day! It was fun to see how far we could push it.

2.) Deb

You reminded me of when we built our house….we dug a hole and lined it with plastic, and filled with rainwater from the roof it was our bath for a while (we could empty and refill every few days).

3.) Valorie

We boiled water for baths when our water heater went out and we couldn’t afford to replace it.

4.) Rebekah

Our dryer died almost a year ago (but came back to life the other day somehow? It was really weird.) so we started using the clothesline for everything, even through the winter (which was a challenge, and there were some days where I just had to haul the laundry to Grandma’s to use her dryer because it was non-stop raining for days). Upside: the electric bill has been dropping…

The oven died right before Christmas, though (fortunately not the stovetop). That one has been a bit more challenging to work around, but my mother-in-law has loaned us a countertop convection oven so I can at least cook meat. We also have a countertop toaster oven, so we can cook small batches of things. The oven situation is not one we’re going try and live with any longer than we *have* to, but I’m also thinking that going a summer without it would be much more comfortable inside.

5.) Erin

Yesterday, I came home to a driveway blocked by a pile of dirt that had obviously been dumped and left. I had a good idea by whom–the city. I parked, got out, and retrieved tools to clear the path. Right then. I snapped a pic or two but made it gone so I could access my property. Once clear enough to drive, I called the city to lodge a complaint, called the Hubster to alert him, and took some more photos. The city workers had gone home and my garden and lawn were still under dirt with rain on the way. Monday was the soonest they could look into it. I told them they would find the dirt roadside on city property and not to bother coming back to my property, that I would handle it.

Fix it move on. Stay safe and don’t waste time on worthless bureaucracy.

6.) Nikki

After hurricane Katrina, it was weeks before we had electricity, running water was a problem, and there was no way to get gas for the generator. We figured out how to do things pretty quick.

7.) Gale

I grew up in a dirt poor family with 5 children in a 2 bedroom sh*t hole. No hot water (we boiled it and carried to the tub). No dryer, ever (we washed clothes in cold water in the tub w/o soap most times and hung them around the inside of the house to dry. One burner on the stove top worked/no oven. We ate loads of mac n cheese with pork n beans. No furnace either. My father used a garage heater and damn near killed all of us. Nobody died ~ we survived. I’m ready to get through darn near anything Prepper Stories: Adventures in Adaptability | 1f609 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival  Bring it.

8.)  Mimi

When things go awry I’m immediately thinking about how to get back into a new ‘groove’ aka normalcy but that always involves adaptation and flexibility too. Eg: when I was completely out of action after surgery recently Hubster had to take on all my household roles (which is my full-time job) as well as his own job, his usual chores AND doing everything for me. He was overwhelmed at times!

After I suggested he stop and breathe, we literally made a list in a booklet of what really needed doing NOW (like my medical needs) what was semi-urgent (like laundry and meals) and what could wait, (like calling this person or that, cleaning house and making the bed). This helped him see things as a conglomerate of smaller tasks rather than one big ol’ mess. He naturally started to prioritize tasks and relax that some things could be put off till the weekend. We also established new routines that worked FOR HIM, not me, like supper, followed by cleanup, then my shower and my medical needs, he’d get his work clothes out for the next day, put the kettle on for our herbal teas and we’d sit and watch tv together. Somehow creating a new normalcy along with us both adapting worked. Prepper Stories: Adventures in Adaptability | 1f642 | News Articles PreparednessSurvival

9.) Karen

Years ago, my hubby changed jobs, and we went a couple of weeks with very little money. The house we rented ad no washer/dryer, so for those 2 weeks, I washed all of our clothes by hand, and hung outside. You just prioritize your needs, and find ways to make do.

10.) Helene (who wins the internet with this story!)

Okay, childhood home in rural Greece.

We had electricity for light but not much else. Running water AT not IN the house and when there wasn’t enough pressure it was shut off by the water dept and we had to haul from a central well, propane two burner stove that used a small tank the size we use here for bbq grills for daily cooking (lots of amazing delicious stewed/braised meals) in the kitchen with a flue above for ventilation, actual ICE BOX with ice delivered weekly, coal stove to heat in winter, outhouse- ours was fancy we had a toilet but had to dump water into it to flush, boiled water to wash, wood burning oven outside fired up once a week to make bread and a “roasted” meal, ALL laundry done weekly by hand no machine to wash or dry and everything (yes, even drawers and towels) needed to be ironed because the water is SO hard that clothes practically stood up until softened by ironing…so yeah, I could make it through just about anything

Here in CA, I’ve been known to move my countertop oven outside in the summer and to use the camp stove on the patio when it gets hot because I’m too cheap to run the AC. I also line dry everything but whites and towels year round. Believe me, you’ve got this!

Do you have some stories to share?

I want to hear about situations in which you adapted. Please share your stories in the comments section below.  These are great prepper mindset exercises.

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The post Prepper Stories: Adventures in Adaptability appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Why Your Carefully Calculated Prepper Food Supply May Not Be Enough (And What You Can Add)

Why Your Carefully Calculated Prepper Food Supply May Not Be Enough (And What You Can Add) | Why-your-prepper-food-supply-may-not-be-enough | News Articles PreparednessSurvival

We all prep for different future scenarios. Some of us worry about losing our jobs. Others live in drought-stricken areas and put extra food back to see them through the next lean time. Some believe war is coming…there are almost as many reasons for preparing as there are people actually doing the deed. But the common thread is that many of us are working hard to build a prepper food supply to see us through an emergency.

Maybe you’ve been storing extra food for quite a while and feel confident that regardless of what the world throws at you, your family won’t starve. Your stuff is stored in the best conditions you can provide. It’s bagged and tagged, dated and rotated…what could possibly go wrong?

You aren’t going to like the answer.

In an all-out epic disaster, what would be a plentiful supply with our usual cushy lifestyles won’t go nearly as far to keep us well-fed. The increased energy requirements of your new lifestyle could mean that you need double or even triple the calories you are consuming now. Not only that, even the least nutrition-conscious among us have grown accustomed to instant access and a wide variety of foods that keep us fairly well nourished.

But luckily, there are some clever additions you can make now to help boost calories, nutrition, and variety.

What works now wouldn’t work after a massive collapse.

We all need a basic number of calories just to stay alive – this is called your Basal Metabolic Rate. But basing your food storage supply on this is an enormous mistake.

Most folks have purchased and stored based on the reality in which we currently exist. But post-collapse, we’d be living a very different reality. In my book, The Pantry Primer, I wrote about the need for more food than you think you require:

…it’s very important to remember that once you think you have a one year food supply, you should continue to build your pantry.  Disasters don’t go by the books, and no formula can tell you how much you will need to eat. Stress increases your need for calories, and epic events are nothing if not stressful. Furthermore, you may be doing a lot more physical labor to produce food and repair structures, which will also increase your caloric need.  A supply that would last for a year during non-eventful times will probably not stretch that far if you are completely reliant on your pantry.

A post-collapse lifestyle would be much more labor-intensive.

  • Moving around on foot or by bicycle uses way more calories than driving a car or taking the train. A pedestrian reality could be the result of an economic collapse (no money for gasoline) or an event that takes out electronic components in engines, just to name two examples.
  • What if you were responsible for providing your own food supply? It takes a lot more effort to grow vegetables, preserve them, to raise and butcher livestock, or to hunt than it does to make the trip to the grocery store.
  • Providing your own heat is also calorie-intensive. Chopping wood increases the energy you need by thousands of calories per week over the current lifestyle of flicking a switch to turn on the central heating. Even if someone else provides the wood, you’ll still have to stack it, carry it in the house, and keep the fire going – which still requires more physical work than turning the thermostat dial.

So while you’re probably off to a good start, let’s look at some factors that may cause you to revisit your stockpiling plan.

Input needs to match output.

If you are at a healthful body weight, maintaining it boils down to one simple fact – the energy you take in needs to match the energy you expend going about your daily life. A deficit of 500 calories a day will mean you lose one pound of body fat a week – which is great for some of us and not so much for others.

So if you currently need 2000 calories a day to keep everything ticking over and to maintain your current weight but your new lifestyle means you will need 3000 calories a day by eating the 2000 calories you currently consume you are going to lose two pounds a week…every week.

While this might be nice for a while, for many people, it isn’t going to be nice on an ongoing basis. Not many people carry enough excess weight to be able to handle a loss like this on an ongoing basis. To put a real-life face on it, over the past year, the average weight loss of Venezuelans has been nearly 20 pounds. And if that’s the average, it means half of those people lost more than that.

And then there’s a lack of nutrients.

In addition, although you wouldn’t starve to death eating a diet of rice and pasta, you would reach a nutritional deficit in a short period of time. This could lead to depletion of vital vitamins and minerals, which in turn will lead to weakness, debility, and deficiency diseases that are rarely seen in the United States.

Don’t forget rabbit starvation. If you haven’t heard of that, it’s a term that was coined by Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who took part in the ill-fated Greely Exploration in the late 1800s, during which only 6 of the 25 original explorers survived. Stefansson observed that those who ate only rabbit, a very lean meat, ate incessantly but were never satisfied, but those who ate fattier meats like moose, beaver, and fish were satiated. There have been many cases in which “rabbit starvation” – a diet that was absent of fat – was considered the most probable cause of death.

Fats will play an important part in a post-collapse diet. Having just over twice the calorific value of carbohydrates and proteins fats can add a calorific boost to diets that are deficient in the overall calories consumed.

So what should you add to your stockpile?

There are things you can add to your stockpile to help stave off the nutritional effects of a collapse for a bit longer. Most of these items will last a very long time if properly stored. These items can help to stave off malnutrition, starvation, and food fatigue in the event of a long-term situation in which our lives dramatically change.

The links below are to the products we keep in our own stockpile. Feel free to substitute with your own favorite brands or locally sourced items – this will give you a starting point if you are looking for high-quality choices.

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements – get the best quality ones you can and store them optimally in a cool dark place.
  • Nutritionally complete meal replacementsthese are useful to have around if someone has been ill and is not yet able to return to a solid diet. While perhaps not the most “whole food” choice, they make a great addition to bug-out bags and backpacks as they have a high calorific value and are protein based. If you get the individual packets as a dry powder to mix with water they hardly add any weight to a pack.
  • Dry milk – this adds protein in a shelf-stable format (as well as a sense of normalcy for kids – or grown-ups – who like cereal and chocolate milk.) I use this hormone-free brand – some of the less-expensive stuff that you can buy is from cows treated with growth hormones.
  • Additional stored food – I like a combination of buckets of dehydrated food that take up little space in your stockpile and are already packaged for the long term along with #10 cans of healthy additions like fruits and vegetables. We also keep on hand some vegetable soup mixes, freeze-dried meats, and freeze-dried vegetables that can easily be added to other dishes for extra nutrients.
  • Protein powder – An unflavored version can be added to all of those rice and pasta emergency dishes for a healthy dose of protein. This brand, while expensive, is completely free of additives and chemicals. We also stir it into creamy soups and mashed potatoes. Flavored protein powders can be added to water for a sweet beverage with some nutritional value.  There are less expensive brands you can add instead, but be warned that they may contain chemicals, additives, HFCS, and fillers that some people will not wish to consume. “Gainers” are used by bodybuilders to get a lot of calories in one shot and can be used post-collapse for the same reason. This one adds 1600 calories per serving.
  • Fats – I stock coconut oil by the gallon – literally. Not only does it last basically forever, it has about a million different uses. You can get “peanut powder“(assuming there are no allergies in the house) to add to shakes or baked goods for more healthy fat. The powder can be reconstituted with water in a 2:1 ratio. Also, if you raise animals for meat, be sure to render the fat for many future uses.

Take a look at the prepper food supply you have put back.

Factor in the extra calories that will be required during an emergency and look at the range of nutrients. You may discover, to your dismay, that you need to top up your supplies to cover the deficit. Of course, wouldn’t you rather find out now that you haven’t got enough than five minutes after the store shelves are stripped bare during the first two hours of a crisis?

Do you have any clever additions to your stockpile that others might not have considered? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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The post Why Your Carefully Calculated Prepper Food Supply May Not Be Enough (And What You Can Add) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Planet X – More Real than You Think (VIDEO)

Planet X - More Real than You Think (VIDEO) | Planet-X-1b-300x184 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Conspiracy Corner Faith Global Warming Fraud Insider Exclusive TV Multimedia News Articles Pole Shift PreparednessSurvival Science & Technology Sleuth Journal World News

The last article I wrote, “Planet X in 2017 or 2022 ?”, I felt needed a bit more information and clarification. Thusly, you might consider this essay and the video presentation below Part 2 of the previous article.

I have but a few really close friends. One is in Iceland, another other is in Israel. One of the two is sick and tired of hearing about “Planet X”, jumping to the conclusion that the topic is all hype and will never come to fruition. (I suppose, I secretly hope that he is right.) The other friend is very complimentary, commenting that I was researching and discussing the importance of this topic more than a decade ago, with only last year being the first in recent memory in which the “official” scientific community proposed the stark reality of the inevitable existence of “Planet X”.

The fact is, ALL of the planets in our solar system are undergoing dramatic global changes, not just Earth. As a result, the conclusion must be made that there is a planetary reason why. “Planet X” fits perfectly with the uptick in global earthquakes, volcanoes, and dramatic climate changes, both here and on the solar system’s other residents. The reason “cars” are being blamed for climate change is simply for monetary profitability and misdirection from the True reason, Planet X, which would panic people into a global economic and social meltdown.

In this week’s important episode of “Conspiracy Corner News”, I will showcase several short, yet highly significant, video clips of compelling evidence of the probability that Planet X is not only real, that it poses a significantly lethal threat to all life on Earth in the near future.

Just click on the Youtube link HERE or below to watch . . .

Brother Bart-


Shop on Amazon by Clicking on the Button Below

Planet X - More Real than You Think (VIDEO) | Amazon-Associate-Logo-300x143 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Conspiracy Corner Faith Global Warming Fraud Insider Exclusive TV Multimedia News Articles Pole Shift PreparednessSurvival Science & Technology Sleuth Journal World News

Bart Sibrel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

When you want to Shop on Amazon, please come back to this page and Click on the Large Button above to visit the Amazon Homepage, or Copy and Paste the following url into your Browser’s Bookmarks as “Amazon” to Save for Future Shopping Use (http://amzn.to/2bvcs9I).

Thank you!


In Depth  Planet X  Article

Recent  Planet X  Article

Astronomers Say  Planet X  is Real

Caltech Says  Planet X  is Real

Mainstream Media Admits  Planet X  is Real

The Best  Planet X  Documentary

Planet X  Channel

Planet X  Charts

The post Planet X – More Real than You Think (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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