Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV (VIDEO)

dr. phil

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV (VIDEO) | Dr-phil | Human Rights Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

By: The Voice of Reason |

It’s been decried as ‘fake news’ for far too long at the expense of putting our children at risk. Finally, some in the mainstream are catching on to one of the plagues of Washington today – the DC pedophile rings. Media personality Dr. Phil conducted an interview with a former child sex slave under these pedophile rings, and disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe her story. Read on with caution.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the utterly disgusting and horrifying reality that these pedophile rings force upon children. The victim, Kendall, in addition to recounting the countless abuses perpetrated upon her, specifically mentions being passed around groups of rich and prominent men as her earliest memories. Even more shocking, her parents had sold her to the ring at birth, and she definitely isn’t the only one.

When will the public be made aware of this problem so the corrupting and perverted influence of these pedophiles can be wiped out once and for all?

Your News Wire Reports:

Dr. Phil exposed the crimes of an elite government pedophile ring to millions of viewers across the United States on Tuesday, after interviewing a former child sex slave called ‘Kendall’. 

Kendall, who was repeatedly sexually abused as a young child, detailed her life growing up as a sex slave to an elite pedophile ring to a stunned audience.

As more and more Americans are beginning to wake up to the fact that high-level government officials routinely sexually abuse children, Dr. Phil helped bring the issue to the attention of an even bigger audience.

Thefreethoughtproject.com reports:

Kendall explains that she was born to be a sex slave, as her parents intentionally had her for the trafficker she calls her “owner.” Kendall says that her parents sold her at birth to an elite pedophile ring that serviced some of the world’s power elite, describing her first memories as being passed around groups of rich and prominent men and women for them to “take turns” with her for sadistic sexual pleasure.

Making her first public appearance after escaping from the man she calls her “owner,” Kendall describes being forced to participate in actions that shock the conscience. She explains that she was forced to rape children as young as 5- years-old, and even admits to having been forced to kill a baby by the human trafficker she describes as her “owner.”

Kendall says that she can tell the difference between kids born into sexual slavery and ones that have been kidnapped, as the ones born into it are more docile and less upset as it is the only reality they have ever known.

When Dr. Phil asks how old she thinks she was when she was first raped, Kendall explains that it was “before I could talk – I was used to it by the time I was 2.”

She says she doesn’t even know her actual age, as she has been a sex slave her entire life, being trafficked around the globe to be molested and raped by the societal elites – including high ranking law enforcement official, major sports franchise owners and even high level U.S. politicians.

She describes having birthed 3 children while in captivity, all of which have been taken from her by her owner/trafficker, and are believed by Kendall to now be child sex slaves themselves.

“I was allowed to get pregnant, because men paid for that,” Kendall said.

Kendall notes that the pedophiles she came into contact with over the years were extremely wealthy – often “pillars of the community” – with some even owning private islands or large pieces of land.

“They would buy us just to hunt us,” she said.

She recalls one of her most fearful memories was that of the pedophiles hosting a “hunting party” on one of their large private plots of lands, making numerous children run and hide in fear, as they were the “prey” to be hunted. The pedophiles would then hunt the children as they ran and hid in fear – raping and torturing them when they were captured.

The activities described by this woman are so profoundly disturbing they can be almost hard to believe, but Dr. Phil confirms that his team not only investigated Kendall’s case for four months, but also consulted with law enforcement experts who confirmed her story. Dr. Phil said he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

In a damning indictment of the power-elite, Kendall described how the pedophile politicians would adorn her in designer clothes, well groomed hair and makeup to give the appearance of class and sophistication. She explains that she and other children were often hung from cages suspended from the ceiling, and that they were often drugged before being transported in the darkness of night.

She claims that she was trafficked to pedophile politicians, and taken to political parties attended by high-level politicians who used her for their personal pleasure. The politicians always took great care to hide what they were doing, according to Kendall, who confirmed that there are many elite U.S. politicians that have been engaged in raping children for many years — a reality that has consistently been covered up and completely hidden from voters.

Perhaps the reason these crimes have been so steadfastly hidden from public view, is that high-level law enforcement officials have also been implicated as being part of the elite pedophile network.

This is just the latest case to emerge in what is now being called #PedoGate. #PedoGate refers to an international pedophile ring composed of politicians and other high profile societal elites.

THE VOICE OF REASON is the pen name of Michael DePinto, a graduate of Capital University Law School, and an attorney in Florida. Having worked in the World Trade Center, along with other family and friends, Michael was baptized by fire into the world of politics on September 11, 2001. Michael’s political journey began with tuning in religiously to whatever the talking heads on television had to say, then Michael became a “Tea-Bagging” activist as his liberal friends on the Left would say, volunteering within the Jacksonville local Tea Party, and most recently Michael was sworn in as an attorney. Today, Michael is a major contributor to www.BeforeItsNews.com, he owns and operates www.thelastgreatstand.com, where Michael provides what is often very ‘colorful’ political commentary, ripe with sarcasm, no doubt the result of Michael’s frustration as he feels we are witnessing the end of the American Empire. The topics Michael most often weighs in on are: Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm, Economic Issues, Government Corruption, and Government Conspiracy.

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The post Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America?

Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America? | alternate-reality-1024x600 | Mainstream Media Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Who’s really got the power in America? Most people are living in an alternate reality created by those with the biggest platforms.

Individual “reality” is defined by what people believe to be true more than what actually exists. A firmly held opinion can create such a vast cognitive dissonance that many people can actually witness something that challenges their belief and still deny that they could be incorrect.

This sounds like the biggest conspiracy theory ever, but if you are here reading this, you probably at least suspect that there are manipulations at play in nearly everything we view or read. There are just a few hundred people who control the media, entertainment, and the internet, and unless we are completely unplugged, we are lambasted with their versions of reality relentlessly every day.

Let’s talk about how opinions are really formed and who has the influence to sway the people of America. No matter how well-informed a person tries to be, the truth can be hard to come by when bias is presented from so many primary sources.

The Places People Get Their News and Information

According to the Pew Research Group, people get their information from the following sources:

Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America? | PJ_2016.07.07_Modern-News-Consumer_1-01 | Mainstream Media Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Photo Credit Journalism.org

This means that those with the power to influence are the people who pull the strings of network news, those in entertainment, those who make the rules of major social media platforms, and those with the biggest websites. Radio and print newspapers have little influence these days, and for that reason, most major print newspapers also have online outlets.

Notice also how people of varying age groups rely more strongly on different sources for their information.

Network News

Who remembers sitting at the table or just after dinner, being bored to tears as a little kid while your parents were glued to the evening news?  I remember my dad wanted to watch the news from three sources because he wanted more than one opinion. I get it now, but at the time, it felt like “the news” would never be over. I usually ended up playing with my Barbies or reading a book.

It seems that times haven’t changed much, if the Pew survey cited above is to be believed, and it appears that the older people are, the more likely they are to watch the news on TV.

But here’s the catch.

Although there are thousands of news stations across the country, nearly all of them are owned by six corporations. In the 80s, the stations were dispersed through about 50 different companies – not a lot but a far more diverse sampling than you have now that your news is filtered through the lenses of billionaire corporations.

So, basically, everything we hear on the news is controlled by these six companies:

  • Time Warner
  • Walt Disney
  • News Corp.
  • Viacom
  • CBS Corporation
  • NBC Universal

Whatever their opinions are, those are the biases from which your news will be presented.

But it goes even deeper than just news because these corporations also control the entertainment industry. And what better way to control the masses than through propagandized drama in which the abnormal is normalized, and agendas are insidiously promoted without the knowledge of an unaware watcher?

Here is a glimpse at the networks owned by these corporations.

Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America? | media-ownership | Mainstream Media Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Photo Credit The Global Movement

As you can see, nearly anything you watch on any channel is influenced by a handful of people – those who run these major corporations. If they want to push an agenda, you can rest assured that agenda will be present on each of their outlets in some form.

The Rulers of the Internet

People under 50 get more of their news and information from the web than any other source these days.

One hundred websites get the majority of the traffic on the internet, and that traffic is massive. The people behind these websites are major influences in the reality perceived by Americans.

Think about this:

Google gets 28 billion visits per month. That means when you look something up on Google, you are provided with the answer Google wants you to have, which may or may not be the actual answer.

YouTube follows quickly behind with 20.5 billion visits. (source) I’m sure by now you have heard that YouTube has taken advertising privileges away from a lot of videographers whose points of view are contrary to the agenda they wish to promote. They’re saying that the content is not “advertiser friendly” – and obviously, this discourages people who dedicate their days to advancing the truth from doing so. They too must make a living, and video editing is a time-consuming process. One well-done 10-minute video can take 8 hours to produce.

These are the 100 websites that provide the “reality” for the majority of the people who rely on the internet for their news, as per Alexa.com’s traffic reporting system.

Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America? | 100-websites-rule-internet-1070 | Mainstream Media Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Photo Credit Visual Capitalist

Social Media

You may have noticed in the infographic above that a massive amount of traffic goes to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Both of those networks are notorious for censoring points of view that are not part of a liberal outlook. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard about Twitter permanently banning a bunch of popular Alt-Right people, most infamously, Milo Yiannopolis for his perspective.

Now, personally, I’m not a fan of the Alt-Right viewpoint. It seems like they’re presenting meanness as “truth” when they could just as easily state true things without being jerks about it. But that is beside the point. If these people are going to be banned for their unsavory ways of communicating, why does Twitter allow things like #RapeMelania to trend? Why does Twitter allow actual threats against the President? If you’re going to start banning offensiveness, shouldn’t it be across the board?

Then there’s Facebook, who has actually been busted running social experiments on its users by attempting to alter people’s moods with what they show in their timelines. But it doesn’t stop there. Nearly every blogger I know who works in the alternative news genre has been in Facebook jail at least once for presenting an unpopular opinion. I personally got warnings when I posted this article on my page – the article was taken down dozens of times and reported as “hate speech” when the “hate” it reported on was certainly not MY hatred.

Of course, when you sign up to use any of these social media networks, you agree to their terms and conditions. They’re businesses and are under no obligation to be truthful or have integrity. Go ahead and use them – I do because they are helpful to my business – but do so fully aware that what you see presented there reflects the opinions of the management and not actual reality.

So how do we get the truth?

There really aren’t any unbiased sources out there. Having worked as an alternative journalist, I can tell you honestly that no matter how hard you try to be unbiased, your personal feelings sneak in, at least a little bit. Maybe it’s with the background information you provide to support your story because you can see the direction what you are reporting on is going. Maybe it is with a little bit of snarky commentary or a pithy headline.

Because of this, many people pick the reality in which they want to live. Maybe they select ultra-conservative websites that reflect their religious beliefs. Perhaps they opt for anti-establishment outlets that gleefully point out in a non-partisan fashion that all of the politicians are sell-outs. For others, they want “news” that supports their warm, fuzzy liberal view of the world.

It’s pretty easy to get manipulated through the subliminal messages and the predictive programming, but some folks seem to be immune. You really want to be one of those people, and if you aren’t, you can get there.

I wrote about this previously:

What if some people are genetically more susceptible than others? What if some of us are immune to this constant bombardment of images, words, and ideas that most people seem to buy into without question?

Could this be the difference between the vast majority of the people and those of us are that are awake and aware? Are we just mutants? Is this why I can explain this stuff until I lose my voice and just get a blank stare from people who think I am the crazy one?

The vast majority of people in the United States are completely accepting of the official message:

  • They believe that the government will be there to save them in all circumstances.
  • They don’t question or inquire. They simply accept what they are told.
  • They don’t share our fears that something big is on the horizon.
  • They exist in a bubble and don’t look at the bigger picture.
  • They refuse to prepare for bad things because they honestly don’t believe it’s possible that those things will happen.

Most people like us (those who are aware, the self-sufficient minority) watch less TV than the masses. Some of us watch no TV at all. I watch a few shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but we don’t have cable TV with its commercials and *cough* news. We have other things to do, things that will help us when there are soldiers on the streets “for our own protection.” Things that will help our kids survive when the store shelves are empty and the majority relies on government rations to live (if they behave well enough to get one that is, and behave they will because hunger is a massive motivator to do as you’re told.)

Even if you have a tendency to be mind-controlled, it’s possible to snap out of it. I wasn’t always the tinfoil-clad blogger you see before you today. When I was in my early 20s, I truly did believe that the government agencies like the EPA and the FDA were looking out for our best interests, that food or medicine wouldn’t be sold if it was harmful, and that schools truly were in the business of educating children.  Most of us have to shake off our early training at the hands of the education system and the television.

And sort of like in the movie, The Matrix, if you can get someone to swallow the red pill, they become a lot less willing to believe whatever they’re fed.

Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America? | blue-bill-red-pill-1024x484 | Mainstream Media Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Subliminal messaging can change people’s views, can change the way they think, can change what they want to eat, what car they want to buy, maybe even how they vote. All you need is the cash to get your message out there and buy a few split seconds of screen time.

It can sow the seeds that make acceptance of abnormal and dangerous situations easier. It can teach people not to question and to be good little sheep.

Sitting for hours in front of the television mindlessly watching the drivel produced by companies who call it “entertainment” is brainwashing people and turning them into idiots, making the best current day example of predictive programming the movie Idiocracy.

All you have to do is look around and you’ll see that it’s here.

What if you don’t want to live in an alternate reality created by the media?

First of all, this doesn’t even touch on other influences like the ridiculous fear culture perpetuated in our schools or the Marxist indoctrination in our colleges and universities, where they teach you that gender isn’t a real thing and you get to pick whenever you want. There are many more players in the alternate reality game than just the media, but you have to start somewhere.

My advice for those who don’t want to live in an alternate reality:

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Vet your sources.
  • Try to get several points of view – even the ones you don’t like. The truth lies somewhere in between.
  • Look out for talking points that are used ad infinitum like “deep state” or “with an abundance of caution”  or “the Russians.” The things you hear repeated over and over are repeated for a reason – to brainwash you.

In the famous words of Fox Mulder, “The truth is out there.” You just have to seek it diligently.

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The post Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America? appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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The Loony Professor and the Desperation of the State-Controlled Media (VIDEO)

 The Loony Professor and the Desperation of the State-Controlled Media (VIDEO) | cultural-media-1024x768 | Mainstream Media Multimedia Propaganda US News

“Some people are asking which news sources I trust, and all I can say is that I read/watch/listen very widely, from mainstream, corporate owned sources (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes) as well as The Atlantic, National Public Radio, and various local and alternative sources with different political perspectives.” –Melissa Zimdars

The mainstream media has been circulating a viral list of so-called “fake news” websites – and the list includes established news sites like TheSonsofLibertyRadio.com, Breitbart, Red State, the Daily Wire, Project Veritas and many other credible sources – but what we found was a leftist (criminal-minded), President bashing assistant professor in Massachusetts who is behind the effort to target and discredit legitimate news/media organizations (John 8:44).

For the record, it is called libel, and it is illegal.

Merrimack College Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars, a 30-something, self-identified feminist and activist, who has expressed great dislike for the new President and Vice President created the list.

Zimdars published and circulated a list of “fake, false, or regularly misleading websites that are shared on Facebook and social media.” She said she began writing the list because she didn’t approve of the sources her students were citing.

In many cases, she offers no explanation for why the news organizations were included on the list.

The media has a 21% approval rating and the state-controlled narrative is being called out for their defamation, libel, slander and lies on a continual basis.

Yet, the mainstream media outlets, in hopes of propping up yet more lies, such as the Los Angeles Times, circulated this list.  The Times headlined its story, “Want to keep fake news out of your newsfeed? College professor creates list of sites to avoid.”  And of course, the Times offered no details concerning Zimdars’ lack of qualifications or background.

Propagandists organizations such as CNN, the Washington PostBoston GlobeNew York MagazineUSA TodayBusiness Insider, the Austin American-Statesman, the Dallas Morning News and others spread the list like gospel and cited it in their reports.

As a matter of fact, Zimdars has not responded for clarification on her expertise or criteria for deciding which news sources to include on her list.

However, when Merrimack Vice President of Communications Jim Chiavelli was asked, he replied, “Thanks for your question to the president about professor Zimdars’ pedagogy. The college has no comment for this story.”

In response to the list, PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser wrote, “It’s no surprise that a college professor compiled this list; what’s galling is that the Los Angeles Times ‘reported’ on it without mentioning that it’s complete garbage.”

Of course, it is!  They all know that it is nothing but garbage, but this is what they do to continue to prop up the establishment, with which America is fed up.

In addition to her new job as an assistant professor, Zimdars is also a columnist and contributor for Little Village Magazine – a lawless-leaning magazine that says it’s focused on issues such as “racial justice,” “gender equity,” “critical culture,” “economic and labor justice” and “environmental sustainability.”

Zimdars’ social-media accounts are protected from public view, leading tweeter Vanessa Beeley to note that Zimdars “can’t take the heat. Named ‘fake media’ & then protected all her own media sites.”

But Newsbusters found tweets from Zimdars harshly criticizing President-elect and Vice-President-elect during the vice-presidential debate in October.

“Undocumented workers contribute more to this country (beyond taxes) than Drumpf ever has or ever will,” she tweeted on Oct. 4.

The same day, she tweeted to Pence that Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment does not equal “Trump’s constant sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic comments.”

The little professor was asked what media resources she read and trusted.

“Some people are asking which news sources I trust, and all I can say is that I read/watch/listen very widely, from mainstream, corporate owned sources (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes) as well as The Atlantic, National Public Radio, and various local and alternative sources with different political perspectives.” –Melissa Zimdars

Let’s pull the curtain back on the media so you can see who is doing the reporting.

In 1917, Rep. Oscar Callaway entered a disturbing statement into the congressional record:

J.P. Morgan, a banker and a steel tycoon, hired 12 high-ranking news managers and editors, and asked them to determine the most influential newspapers in America. He wanted to control the policy of the daily press of the United States (that policy being whatever they wanted it to be). The 12 found that it was only necessary to purchase 25 of the greatest newspapers. An agreement was reached, the policy of the papers was bought, and an editor of their choice was placed at each paper to ensure that all published information was in keeping of the new policy. (Again, keep in mind it was their policy.)

In a nutshell, what are they doing? The news media is being controlled by very few people throughout major networks in the United States and worldwide. There are those who are trying to rearrange reality to become the reality they want you to believe.

Robert Lichter and Stanley Rothman, two media scholars, interviewed 240 news anchors, editors and news writers, and here’s what they found:

  1. 47 percent of those who report the news in this country believe that adultery is OK.
  2. 76 percent of those who report the news see nothing wrong with homosexuality.
  3. 90 percent of those who write your papers in this country believe there is nothing wrong with aborting a baby.
  4. 86 percent of those who write your paper in this country seldom or never attend church.

“The New York Times is deliberately pitched to the liberal point of view.” -Herman Dismore Foreign editor of the NY Times from 1950 to 1960

“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Richard Salant (1914-1933) Former President of CBS News

“We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” Richard M. Cohen, Senior Producer of CBS Political News

Former CNN journalist Amber Lyon said that she was ordered to report fake stories, delete unfriendly stories adverse to the Obama administration, and construct stories in specific manners while working for the left-wing network.

CNN is paid by foreign and the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others. The Obama Administration pays for CNN content.

“The entire mainstream media is totally fake!”

“Taught to lie, to betray the people and not to tell the truth to the public.”

“The CIA gets control over all of the majority of journalists.”  Dr. Udo Ulfkotte German Editor, Journalist

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” –William Casey CIA Director

Truth be told, these people simply blurted out their fears when declaring “Fake News” media outlets were really those who were exposing their “Fake News” outlets for what they are (Luke 12:2). They hate the truth (Psalm 94:16).


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The post The Loony Professor and the Desperation of the State-Controlled Media (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Harvard’s Fake Guide to Fake News Sites

Harvard’s Fake Guide to Fake News Sites | fake-news | Mainstream Media Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Is this what parents pay $63,000 annually for tuition, room, board and fees – so their children can be ill-served and ill-taught?

Following the 2014 Obama administration Kiev coup, replacing democracy with fascist dictatorship, Harvard expressed concern about nonexistent “Russian aggression.” Some faculty members called for US military intervention.

Not a word about US-supported putschists seizing power. Nothing about the most brazen European coup since Mussolini’s 1922 march on Rome.

No explanation about a scheme orchestrated in Washington. Silence about a major crisis in Europe’s heartland still ongoing. Trump inherited Obama’s mess, so far not indicating clearly where he stands on Ukraine.

Harvard is at it again. It’s University Library published a fake guide to “fake news, misinformation, and propaganda.”

It recommends using FactCheck.org, Politifact, Snopes.com, Washington Post Fact Checker, and other self-styled fact-checkers, biased against truth-telling on all major issues, acting as censors, trashing reliable alternative sources of news, information and analysis.

It endorses sanitized content acceptable to America’s deep state, abandoning support for speech, media and academic freedoms.

It recommended “tips for analyzing news sources.” Ignore them. Common sense is the best guide, along with distrusting and avoiding media scoundrels. They’re paid to lie, deceive and feature fake news – what powerful interests want people to know, what’s most important suppressed.

Harvard published a list of hundreds of sites it calls “bias(ed),” “conspira(torial),” “unreliable,” “fake,” and otherwise mislabeled.

Some I’m familiar with are reliable sources, (polar opposite media scoundrels paid to lie), including:

21st Century Wire

Activist Post


Before Its News.com

Black Agenda Report

Boiling Frogs Post

Common Dreams

Consortium News

Corbett Report



David Stockman Contracorner

Fort Russ

Freedoms Phoenix

Global Research

The Greanville Post

Information Clearing House


Intrepid Report

Lew Rockwell

Market Oracle

Mint Press News

Moon of Alabama

Naked Capitalism

Natural News

Nomi Prins


Paul Craig Roberts




Ron Paul Institute

Ruptly TV


Sgt Report


Shift Frequency

SJLendman.blogspot.com – my alma mater recommends avoiding my writing; new articles posted daily; featuring truth-telling on major issues



South Front

Sputnik News

Strategic Culture.org

The Anti-Media

The Duran

The Intercept

The People’s Voice

The Saker

The Sleuth Journal

Third World Traveler


What Really Happened

Who What Why


Zero Hedge

These and other sites Harvard’s Library urges avoiding are ones readers should rely on – avoiding The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other fake news proliferators.

The post Harvard’s Fake Guide to Fake News Sites appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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How to Lose Track of the Big Picture In America Today and Create Your Own “Truth”

How to Lose Track of the Big Picture In America Today and Create Your Own "Truth" | propaganda-crossroads | Consciousness Mainstream Media New World Order Propaganda Sleuth Journal Society US News World News

The first chapter in my book ‘The Art of Overcoming the New World Order’ is titled ‘How to stay perfectly brainwashed in the matrix’. I pose this set of instruction to demonstrate that we as humans make big decisions every day and no matter how much we try to escape reality and live in an alternate reality believing mainstream media lies and propaganda, everyone should be aware that there is a process for ensuring that one stays blind and dumbed-down all the days of their lives. Similarly today in 2017, as we close in on the conclusion of the first quarter of the year too many people are focusing on things that are relatively unimportant and very secondary to what is really happening. Far too many people are preoccupied with issues that are deliberately designed to distract from the big picture.

Mass deception is now the stunning norm. The entire Left is completely (and irreversibly?) disconnected from reality. Right wing Republicans are being told that terrorism and ISIS is a real threat that only more wars will fix and that waging more wars is necessary to keep America “safe”. Many Anarchists are zeroing in on anything that points to evidence of politician broken promises because these broken promises validate their core belief that the world should operate without any governments or nation state. The rationale being since statism is all bad then the perils and trials that come with the practice of statism are well deserved. In other words, “haha, told you so, it’s all your problem”. With all of these paradigms and beliefs occurring at the same time the grounds for keeping people focused on what is really happening and how to solve these problems become much more difficult to convey to the masses.

People everywhere are being lied to and deceived about what is most important today and these “issues” then become the primary focus of their lives. All of this while the big picture unfolds at record pace. The big picture which effects us all and ultimately what I believe is by far the most important story unfolding today. And that is the deep state struggle for the destruction and essential overthrow of the United States of America. Yes, there is a ruling elite cabal that wants their new world order and they want it now. The globalists who have been funding “revolutions” across the globe for decades have now set their sights on America. As we speak they are trying everything they can to overthrow the President of the United States, create chaos and undermine the Trump presidency.

All along, what the anti-Trump Liberal Left doesn’t realize is that this is not really about Trump. Believe it or not, this is about undermining any President that stands for the nation state itself. Most Left wing Liberals and progressives fail to see that had it been any other person in the world winning the Presidency, if that person stood for restoring America that president would have equally gotten the same treatment the deep state’s corporate mainstream media is giving Trump right now. Think about this! Trump haters have no idea how deep the true (globalist, collectivist, Communist) agenda for one world government runs.

So in an effort to shine the light on what you should be focusing on I’ll outline all the little things you should focus on in order to stay disconnected and completely out of focus from the big picture. Remember that staying out of focus with the big picture works out perfect for the ruling elite for many reasons so here’s what you can do to stay out of focus of the big picture … that is, the current attempted coup d’etat and overthrow of President Trump, the rule of law and the United States of America.

1. Stay focused on Donald Trump “fake news” nonsense talk about “Russia” election hacking despite the fact that zero evidence has ever been presented and this witch hunt was perfectly timed and called for by Obama triggering memories of the 1950’s style McCarthyism. Not to mention that now we know for sure thanks to the Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations that the rogue deep state’s CIA has had the capabilities of creating fake evidence, listening in on everyone and even assassinating people without leaving a trace!

2. Keep believing everything the mainstream media puts out including the fully discredited Jerry Springer style Washington Post as well as the rest of the fully discredited mainstream media including CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, NPR, Newsweek, NY Times to name a few.

As you probably know this massive cluster of fake and biased news media which endorsed 8 full years of Obama sorcery, lies and illegal wars is working perfectly together with the CIA synchronizing their stories and delivering maximum deception on cue every day to keep America divided, to keep the Trump bashing going, to keep people angry and divided and most importantly to keep people in the fake reality that the rulers have created for them.

3. Look for anything Trump (or anyone in his administration) does or says that can justify the call for impeachment, violence or punishment on those individuals. No matter how small or untrue the issue actually is. Try hard and make sure to paint Trump to be a fascist dictator worse than Hitler. That ought to keep everyone fired up, completely out of focus from the big picture and especially that will create instant amnesia for 8 years of Obama administration criminality not to mention the Clinton criminality now blown wide open for the world to see.

4. With the deception cranked up to full force throw in Hollywood and celebrity propaganda into your list of fully trusted news sources. Tell yourself that you SHOULD care what celebrities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus or Rosie O’Donnell have to say. That’s right, just sit back, listen and believe whatever Hollywood and the Liberal Left celebrities tell you reality is. Tell yourself that since these celebrities are famous and worshiped by many then they must know what is truly going on and they must have an inside track on objective Truth, reason and logic. How dare you think that you could understand the world better than they can or that you have the capability of thinking on your own.

5. Whatever you do, make sure to resist any thoughts of reason and logic that try to creep into your thoughts. If fully verifiable revelations (like Wikileaks, Project Veritas or any other recent revelations) reveal information about your favorite politician or political party that is contrary to what you want to believe then look to see if your favorite politician denies the allegations and direct accusations. If they even slightly deny it (like John Podesta laughing off the factual Wikileaks emails exposing his own actions) then just assume that they are telling the truth and regardless of what is revealed. Just laugh it all off and know that it’s all made up conspiracies.

Don’t worry that those denying the long list of now fully revealed crimes inside the deep state have no proof to substantiate their claims and allegations (like the claims that Russia hacked the election for Trump). Just believe these claims at face value. No proof required because Obama’s corrupt CIA and their mainstream media said it.

If you follow these 5 simple steps you should be well on your way to being completely disconnected from the reality and the final chapter of America’s end game. You will be able to say goodbye to the big picture and hello to whatever do-it-yourself fantasy world you want to live in. That new fantasy world you create will then become the new big picture. You will then realize that this alternate reality you’ve create for yourself with the help of Hollywood and mainstream media which the many people now live in is very real in the sense that many others will stand with you. In this world you will soon see that anything is possible. That’s right. You can be anything you want to be in this alternate reality. Yes, if you are a natural born male you can plan on becoming a female in the future then revert back to male if you tired of being female! Just say the words and that new reality begins because there are no silly boundaries like natural law, morality, cultural or religious norms or even natural provable scientific methods in the way of the things you want to believe. It’s just you and your imagination! Think of this as your new “freedom” and “prosperity”. In fact, if you take lots of prescription medication and mind altering drugs the ride gets even better! You’ll be able to explore ANY world you want.

And it gets better. Know that the United Nations has your back. In fact since the days of Bush Sr and even many decades before that many have written books about this world you are hoping to enter now. And Obama’s empire rolled out Agenda 2030 which is a clear picture of you future “sustainable” world of “peace and prosperity”. Time to celebrate, woohoo!!

As you move farther and farther from Truth, reality and reason tell yourself that there are no consequences governed by natural law in response to the rejection of reality and Truth. Tell yourself that you chose “reality” over that other thing others are saying that doesn’t agree with what you are saying. And tell yourself that the position others take, pointing out corruption throughout the Obama-Bush-Clinton deep state, is nothing more than “fiction” and “fake news” being believed by people who are not awakened to mainstream media and Hollywood Truth. And tell yourself that you being the REAL truth seeker would know and understand this as much as anyone else.

If you do all the things written above you’ll be sure to lose track completely of reality and pretty much everything important going on in America and the world as we get closer and closer to the now very dangerous and very real engineered American civil war intended to undermine and overthrow not just President Trump and the rule of law but all of America in favor of a fully recognized global order.

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Source: Alternative news journal

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Donald Trump the Foreign Agent

Donald Trump the Foreign Agent | Donald-Trump3 | Mainstream Media Politics Trump

(image: Reuters)

(The Real Agenda News) Donald J. Trump is not a career politician, but he has been around politicians and the world of politics for a long time. He said it himself during the campaign.

He used to lobby politicians to get favours. He is an outsider in the sense he never occupied a public position, yet he is an insider in that he knows exactly how the system works.

In that sense, Trump is a foreign agent.

In addition to knowing how the system works and how to get around laws and regulations to maximize profit for this enterprise, over the years, Trump also learned how to use the media for his own advantage. We saw his level of skill for attracting media attention during the 2016 election.

As president of the United States, Mr. Trump still manages to ‘manipulate’ the media so that he gets more news coverage than any other president in the history of the country.

Journalists, pundits and commentators analyse, criticise, condemn and a few of them praise Trump on a daily basis on cable and network news. College campuses have become enemy territories for Trump supporters.

Dissenters of Liberal or so-called progressive movements, who are also Trump followers, are labeled racists, xenophobic, anti-women, etc.

What no one seems to have figured out yet is how Mr. Trump uses the media to advance his agenda. The fact that all that Trump wants is to advance his agenda should not be news to anyone. There is something more important behind what he says and how he says it.

When Trump says something outrageous or inaccurate on Twitter, during a rally or at the Oval Office he is not only saying it out loud to get condemnation or praise from people who read and listen to what he says. He has an ulterior motive. This motive is what no one seems to understand yet.

Trump knows that an outrageous statement will render huge amounts of media attention. Furthermore, he knows that thousands or millions of people who despise him will be tuned in to mainstream media and that each time that he gains all of that attention he also gets an opportunity to expose the Establishment.

One clear example was Trump’s claim that millions of illegals voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, which according to Trump, was the reason why she won the popular vote. Whether his claim is true or not, he managed to expose the fact that voting fraud took place in 2016.

We saw it in confessions obtained by Project Veritas during the election. It certainly took place in 2012, as it has been reported by mainstream media. There are also plenty of back doors to carry out voting fraud, as shown by Bev Harris.

As it has been observed, Trump is well-known for using hyperbole as a tool to attract media attention in order to expose something that is of his concern and that of his over 60 million followers.

It does not matter what you think about voting; whether it is important or not, voting fraud should not be taken lightly. It is one of the ways in which a semi-democratic system can be subverted and it should be given all of the attention it needs.

Another example of how Trump uses the media to expose issues that he considers relevant is his latest Tweet about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower in New York City. Although Trump offered no proof of such a claim, he raised the very important issue of illegal mass spying by US government agencies on Americans and the rest of the world.

Trump’s claim need to be scrutinised and identified as real or fake, but what is important for Trump is not necessarily whether he is proven right or wrong, but to expose illegal mass spying by the CIA, FBI, NSA and other Deep State agencies.

Coincidentally, Wikileaks has now pointed out, once again, how those very same agencies use devices such as mobile phones and smart television sets to spy on everyone, all the time.

In sum, Donald J. Trump is a foreign agent, foreign to the Establishment and its propaganda arm, the mainstream media. He was a kamikaze presidential candidate and he seems to be a kamikaze President; perhaps the first one of his kind. He uses hyperbole to cause outrage among his opponents and the media which in turn provides him a powerful platform to expose the plans of the Establishment/Deep State/Elite.

From the very beginning of his campaign Trump has ‘sacrificed’ his reputation to expose what no other presidential candidate, or president, for that matter, has been able or willing to expose. He has done the same with other important topics such as climate change, vaccines and abortion and he will continue to do so unless someone puts a bullet in his head.

The other explanation to all of it, of course, could be that he is an arrogant, self-absorbed SOB who just wants free publicity.

What do you think? Which of the two explanations sounds more plausible?

Is it possible that no one in the mainstream media or the Establishment understands what Trump is doing? But if they do understand, why aren’t they doing anything to stop it? Why doesn’t the media simply give him less attention?

Is Trump’s Modus Operandi the best way to expose the Establishment? Is it moral? Is it right?

Is he doing it intentionally?

You be the judge.

The post Donald Trump the Foreign Agent appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Big Brother in America is Now the U.S. Media (VIDEO)

Big Brother in America is Now the U.S. Media (VIDEO) | tv | Corporate Takeover Government Government Control Government Corruption Mainstream Media Multimedia Propaganda

Journalism and a free, open media is another “check and balance on the three branches of Government and we don’t have that check and balance anymore.” – Shadow of Truth

One of the hallmarks of a totalitarian political regime is control of the media. In 1996 president Bill Clinton signed into law the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This law, which was bought and paid for by corporate media lobbies, allowed big corporations to acquire and consolidate media outlets nationwide.

The 1996 law lifted the limit on the number of television and radio stations any one corporation could own. In 2003, the FCC voted to lift the ban on cross-ownership of newspapers and full-power broadcast stations that serviced the same community. This was the final nail in the coffin of free and competitive media and news-reporting in the U.S.

The 1996 Clinton law followed by the lifting of the cross-ownership ban enabled Corporate America to increase their monopoly on the flow of information in the U.S. and around the world. Now six corporations control well over 90% of all media in the U.S.: NewsCorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS and Comcast.

“Wall Street slips on and geopolitical worries” (Reuters headline). What does the Trump/Obama wiretapping squabble have to do with whether the stock market goes up or down? It has nothing to do with whether or not corporations can produce goods and services profitably. Too be sure the accusation of wiretapping and the possibility that the accusation is accurate is troublesome in and of itself. But it has nothing to do with the fact that the stock market is currently the most overvalued in U.S. history.

The headlines, however reflect the degree to which all media reporting in the U.S. is now under the control of Corporate America – a Corporate America that has assumed control of the political process and has become Orwell’s Big Brother .

Most people associate the term “fascism” with an authoritarian and nationalistic political system. But it’s much more than that. Mussolini described “fascism” as the merger between Corporations and Government. The political system in the U.S. can easily be considered “fascist,” as Corporate America and Wall Street have used billions of dollars to take over the entire political process including all of the mainstream outlets of communication and news reporting.

The result is directly reflected in the nature of the 2016 presidential and congressional elections. The content of any news reporting is now a product of the material fed through the broadcast and print communication outlets controlled by six corporate monoliths and the Too Big To Fail banks that finance the system.

A good friend and colleague of the Shadow of Truth, John Titus, once quipped with regard to the public’s consumption and acceptance of anything reported as news, “put it on CNN and it’s true.” This statement succinctly summarizes the propaganda which supports the process by which the Government seeks to control the views and perceptions of the public at large. In today’s Shadow of Truth podcast, we toss around that fact that the United States has become a Goebellsian “playground” and George Orwell’s nightmare:


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The post Big Brother in America is Now the U.S. Media (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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The Right Way to Challenge Fake News

The Right Way to Challenge Fake News | fake-news-propaganda | Mainstream Media Politics Propaganda Trump

Trump is right challenging fake news. It’s about time someone in high office did it. He’s going about it the wrong way.

Without speech, media and academic freedoms, all other rights are threatened.

Barring certain media outlets from attending Friday’s White House press briefing while letting others in was wrongheaded and counterproductive.

The NYT falsely called the move unprecedented, “something no administration of either party has ever done.”

Not quite. In 2009, the Obama White House said it would no longer conduct interviews with Fox News as a member of the press pool, an unprecedented act at the time.

Other media outlets objected. The White House relented. It remained hostile to Fox News criticism of its policies.

On February 24, NYT editors blasted Trump’s move, absurdly calling it “a backhanded compliment to the reporters whose honest work provoked the president’s latest foot-stamping tantrum” – a gratuitous insult, falsely referring to barred news organizations as “trustworthy.”

Far from it! The Times and other media scoundrels feature fake news, suppressing what’s most important to report.

They’re largely anti-Trump, inventing reasons to bash him. Justifiable criticism is warranted. Biased reporting defiles what journalism is supposed to be.

On Friday, Trump called media “the opposition party…mak(ing) up stories and mak(ing) up sources.”

Candidate Trump said he wasn’t “running against crooked Hillary. I’m running against the crooked media,” he stressed – referring to the media as the “lowest form of humanity.”

Throughout the campaign, they went all out to get him, continuing post-inauguration. The power of scoundrel media manipulated public sentiment works.

Fiction substitutes for important facts. News is sanitized, dissent marginalized. Supporting wealth, power and privilege substitutes for full and accurate reporting.

Wars of aggression are called liberating ones. They’re glorified in the name of peace. Civil liberties are suppressed for our own good. Patriotism means supporting what harms the public welfare.

Might is justified as right. Raping nations is called democracy building. Looting them is considered economic development. Free societies are threatened. Tyranny stalks America.

Truth-telling is a vital disinfectant. The way to challenge media scoundrels isn’t by barring them from press briefings. It’s by exposing their fake news with hard, irrefutable facts.

Trump has bully pulpit power. He has over 25 million Twitter followers plus other ways to counter media lies if done responsibly.

On Friday, he tweeted,

“FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn’t tell the truth. A great danger to our country. The failing @nytimes has become a joke. Likewise @CNN. Sad!”

Most Americans distrust the media for good reason. Growing numbers rely on alternative sources to stay informed. It’s the only way!

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The post The Right Way to Challenge Fake News appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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NYT Editors Promote Hazardous Vaccines

NYT Editors Promote Hazardous Vaccines | global-vaccines | Big Pharma Mainstream Media Medical & Health Propaganda US News Vaccines

Global vaccines are big business – estimated to reach nearly $60 billion in annual revenue by 2020, because of widespread use and escalating prices, a boon for Big Phama’s bottom line performance at the expense of human health.

Vaccines contain toxic mercury and other heavy metals well above environmental safety levels, risking neurological damage.

Distinguished vaccine expert Viera Scheibner calls them biological weapons. They can damage internal organs and leave children or adults vulnerable to severe autoimmune diseases – including diabetes, arthritis, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, polio and numerous others.

Vaccines are dangerous and unreliable. Thousands of severe adverse reactions occur annually – including permanent disabilities, at times deaths.

None of this gets reported. Instead, the myth of safe vaccines and importance of getting them persists.

Scheibner minced no words, saying “there is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases. To the contrary, there is a great wealth of evidence that they cause serious side effects,” harming human health.

Government promotion of vaccines is driven by politics, not science, not public welfare. Big Pharma urges their use because they’re so profitable. All countries are potential buyers.

Health and safety concerns are ignored for the sake of a profit bonanza increasing annually. In January, Trump appointed Robert F. Kennedy Jr as head of a new commission to study vaccine safety.

He’s not anti-vaccine. He wants them to be safe. He’s against thimerosal, a preservative, containing toxic mercury, Kennedy saying:

“(T)he evidence of thimerosal’s neurotoxicity is so overwhelming and the lack of any safety data so complete that anyone who is willing to read science and who believes in the capacity for scientific methods to determine empirical truths must conclude that thimerosal causes serious brain damage.”

NYT editors ridiculed clear proof of vaccine hazards. They lied claiming “there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines or a preservative (thimerosal) cause autism.”

They blasted what they called Kennedy’s “pseudoscience about immunizations.” They cited industry sponsored studies claiming vaccine safety. What else would they say?

They noted scores of so-called industry affiliated “health groups” touting them. They called clear concerns about vaccine hazards “antiscience.”

It’s fair to ask: Is Big Pharma subsidizing The Times to promote its toxic vaccines?

The post NYT Editors Promote Hazardous Vaccines appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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NYT Big Lies About Trump’s Ties to Russia

NYT Big Lies About Trump’s Ties to Russia | NYTimes-1024x576 | Mainstream Media Politics Propaganda Trump

(image: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Times gives journalism a bad name. It’s a lying machine, not a credible source of news, information and analysis.

Paul Craig Roberts asked if it’s being “sustained by CIA subsidies.” The agency has billions of dollars to spend on nefarious activities, unrelated to keeping America safe.

The Times is viciously anti-Russia, anti-Trump. “Bring on the special prosecutor,” it roared in a Friday editorial, outrageously claiming Trump administration ties to Russia, despite no evidence proving any wrongdoing or anything out of the ordinary.

In an effort to undermine or oust him from office, it’s trying to invent a Watergate-type scenario, the way Nixon was wrongfully framed for pursuing anti-establishment policies.

The Times wants an anti-Trump special prosecutor the way Nixon was attacked. It rejects FBI director James Comey’s involvement for daring to question Hillary’s integrity, what she abandoned before and after becoming first lady.

Attorney General Sessions is out for The Times because of his support for Trump.

The Times: “Mr. Trump’s unexplained allegiance to that country and its thug of a president, Vladimir Putin, has been a major concern from the start of his candidacy.”

“But the scope of a potential investigation expanded sharply in the last four days, with the firing of Mr. Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for lying to the White House about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, and the news that members of the Trump campaign’s inner circle were in repeated contact with Russian intelligence agents last year, at the same time that Russia was actively attempting to swing the election to Mr. Trump.”

Fact: No responsible editor would  publish this rubbish. The Times features it.

Fact: Trump deserves universal support by wanting improved relations with Russia – if he means it by following through responsibly, not so far. Rhetoric doesn’t substitute for policy.

Fact: No credible evidence suggests any improper contacts between Trump campaign members and Russia – none with its intelligence.

Fact: Accusations of Russian US election hacking were fabricated – The Times one of the leading proliferators of falsified claims.

Trump has been in office less than one month. Calling for a special prosecutor is a politicized Times effort to further denigrate and undermine him toward achieving its aim of ousting him.

All public officials should be held accountable for their actions – not by inventing reasons to attack them.

The Times went at Trump throughout the campaign this way. It’s continuing the same jihad post-inauguration.

An independent special prosecutor is needed to investigate The Times and other media scoundrels for fake news reporting, not journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

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The post NYT Big Lies About Trump’s Ties to Russia appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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