George Soros Backing Stein’s Recount Scam


(image: Reuters)

International con man Soros-connected attorney Marc Alias represents Hillary and the DNC. Earlier The NYT reported “Soros…agree(ing) to put as much as $5 million into (lawsuits) which Democrats hope will erode restrictions on voter access…”

Alias is leading the litigation. Soros said he’s “proud” to be part of it, according to The Times. Last summer, the Washington Post profiled Alias, calling him “a Democratic superlawyer with multimillion-dollar backing,” saying:

“With a multimillion-dollar commitment from liberal mega-donor George Soros, Elias is challenging laws that, he argues, diminish the impact of important Democratic Party constituencies of African Americans, Latinos and young people.”

“While Elias will not discuss the funding for his project, Soros’s spokesman Michael Vachon said Elias approached them with a set of proposals for challenging state restrictions that would be helpful ‘up and down the ballot.’ “

“That was appealing to Soros, who began his political giving with voter mobilization efforts, Vachon said. And they agreed with Elias that there was work to be done beyond what the civil rights groups, to which Soros also contributes, were doing.”

“Soros has given $5 million to the trust that funds the litigation, Vachon said, and Elias said he has picked his shots with an eye toward ‘protecting the Obama coalition’ of African Americans, Latinos and young people.”

A previous article discussed a group led by voting rights attorney John Bonifax and University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society director J. Alex Halderman, calling for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states Trump won, alleging “manipulat(ion) or hack(ing)” despite no evidence proving it.

Bonifax is founder and general counsel for the National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI), web site documents showing “generous foundation and institutional support,” including from Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Is Stein wittingly or unwittingly in bed with international con man Soros? Either way shows her despicably betraying supporters.

Note: On November 27, former congresswoman, 2008 valued ally and friend Cynthia McKinney tweeted:

“I never thought I’d see the day: Green Party standard bearer standing shoulder to shoulder with a war criminal…”

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Source: Alternative news journal

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Organic Standards Update: Finally Some Good News!


Our movement needed a win. We’re happy to report not one, but two recent wins in the battle to preserve organic standards.

New GMO technologies such as cloning, nanotechnology, synthetic biology—technologies sometimes referred to as GMO 2.0—won’t be allowed in organics, thanks to a recent decision by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). (And thanks also to the thousands of you who signed our “say ‘no’ to GMOs in organics” petition to the NOSB). The NOSB, which held its fall (November 16 – 18) meeting in St. Louis, Mo., home to Monsanto headquarters, also voted to get the controversial food additive carrageenan out of organics.

Keeping GMOs out of organic, and dropping carrageenan from the list of allowed substances in organic were two of the hot-button issues at the latest NOSB meeting. Both votes were big wins for consumers. The third and arguably hottest topic—whether hydroponic “container” production methods violate USDA organic standards—was kicked back to a subcommittee for further review.

Read OCA’s update from the NOSB meeting

The post Organic Standards Update: Finally Some Good News! appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Trump Nominates NWO Soros Puppet Mnuchin For Treasury Secretary (VIDEO)

trump cabinet nominee

By: The Voice of Reason |

For the diehard Trump supporters, this is going to be difficult to hear, but as a Trump supporter myself, the fact is, We the People deserve some answers right about now. By answers, I’m not referring to cheap, contrived, worthless press release comments, assuming we could even get that much, but rather we deserve (and should demand) answers from President-Elect Trump himself on some of the following issues.

In the following video, I review several very alarming trends that have been unfolding right before our eyes as President-Elect Trump picks his potential cabinet members. Some of the trends have gotten zero coverage from the mainstream media, and some have even gotten almost zero coverage by the alternative media either, and not because they aren’t true, but rather because so few people have an understanding of the subject matter.

In a post last week, I discussed what almost no one anywhere in media is talking about right now, which is how Trump is Filling His Cabinet With War Hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations. For those who don’t know why that’s significant, be sure to check out that post. In short, first, Trump ran as a non-interventionist, yet he’s attempting to bring well-known globalist war hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations into his innermost circle. That’s not “conspiracy.” Their history is not “conjecture.” It is documented fact.

Second, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), represents absolutely everything Trump ran against… everything! There is no part of the CFR’s agenda that is compatible with what Trump discussed while out on the campaign trail. None. Zero. The CFR is one of a very few select number of secretive groups that can be said to be one of the crown jewels of globalists like George Soros. The group works to advance the globalist agenda, and always has. That is why it was formed to begin with!

Consider what came out in the 1970’s, when Carrol Quigley, a professor who viewed the CFR in a favorable light, was granted access to the CFR’s private files to assist him in a book he was writing that was supposed to be good publicity for the CFR. Horrified by his findings, Professor Quigley subsequently revealed that the group’s true goal was:

“to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole.”

The Council on Foreign Relations was formed by the global elite, for the global elite, with the intent of controlling the news narrative that gets told to the American people by U.S. news outlets. The effort began by JP Morgan, the Rockefeller’s, and the Warburg’s (just to name a few), as far back as 1912. The facts are well documented, and you can learn more about the history in a video featured in the post titled, Trump is Filling His Cabinet With War Hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Since the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve learned that President-Elect Trump is not only choosing war hawks from the Council on Foreign Relations to bring into his innermost circle, but now he’s also chosen one of George Soros’, personal puppets to be the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. In light of who owns the Federal Reserve, that should be exceptionally frightening to anyone fully armed with the facts.

Think back just a few short weeks ago. Cast your memory back to the first week of November, those hazy halcyon days just before the election, when Donald Trump’s campaign rolled out its notorious “Argument For America” ad. I personally wrote a piece titled: Trump’s New Campaign Commercial Today: Breathtaking, because I was so enamored with the honesty of the ad.

The post linked above was viewed over 30,000 times combined at all the various websites combined that chose to published it. Why? Because the commercial WAS breathtaking. In the commercial, Trump began shining a light on an issue that has been “taboo,” or “off limits” to talk about in politics until now… or even in public to a large degree; Of course I’m referring to the topic of the “global elites.”

Refresh your memory below: writes:

In between B-roll of hardworking Americans and shuttered factories, Trump explained how “global special interests” and “those who control the levers of power” planned to “partner with these people [Bill and Hillary] who don’t have your good in mind.”

Other than President Obama and the Clinton’s, only three public figures appeared in the ad: Janet Yellen, George Soros and Lloyd Blankfein. The fact that all three were Jewish raised accusations of anti-semitism. The dog whistles blared especially loudly for Blankfein, who appeared as Trump said: “It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

Have a look: 

Jennifer Van Laar at Red State writes:

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump will name Steven Mnuchin, his campaign’s national finance director, as Treasury secretary.

Mr. Mnuchin, the son of a Goldman Sachs partner, joined the firm after graduating from Yale University. He worked there for 17 years, rising to oversee trading in government securities and mortgage bonds.

After leaving Goldman in 2002, he founded Dune Capital Management, a hedge fund named after the dunes near his beach house in the Hamptons.

He also started investing in the movie business and bought a house in Bel-Air. He is engaged to the actress Louise Linton, who would be his third wife.

His selection fits uneasily with much of Mr. Trump’s campaign rhetoric attacking the financial industry. Mr. Trump, in a campaign ad intended as a closing argument, portrayed the chief executive of Goldman Sachs as the personification of a global elite that the ad said had “robbed our working class.”

As a Hollywood investor, Mnuchin was involved in financing the “X-Men” franchise, “American Sniper,” and “Avatar.”

He has strong ties to both George Soros and Democratic candidates. More than half of his federal-level contributions have gone to Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and $2,000 to California AG Kamala Harris’ US Senate campaign. And:

From 2003 to 2004, Mnuchin worked as chief executive of SFM Capital Management, which the Wall Street Journal reports is backed by Soros. He also worked for Soros Fund Management LLC, according to Bloomberg.

Mnuchin was part of the group which purchased IndyMac, a failed California mortgage lender, from the government in 2009. The group sold the company, which had been renamed OneWest, to CIT in 2015 for more than double the price the group acquired it for.

Transition sources say the announcement could come as early as Wednesday.


Now start connecting some dots. Anyone NOT listening to the lies of the woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media already knows that a Global Currency Reset is coming. There is nothing conspiratorial about it, and there are plenty of links at the bottom supporting that statement.

Consider, the same person who wrote: Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse in 2006 (two years BEFORE the 2008 crash), when everyone else was saying the economy was doing fine (including current Fed Chair Janet Yellen), has predicted that the coming Collapse of the US Dollar Will Be the Single Biggest Event In all of Human History. Think about that for a minute,

To anyone IS following the woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media, there is nothing to worry about. Everything is great! We’re in a post election pro-Trump rally. After all, the markets are at all time highs, right?

If everything is fine, why are world leaders like those in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and others warning their citizens to begin preparing for the possibility of “existence threatening” events? As mentioned, U.S. financial markets are at all time highs, so everything is great, right? Surely whatever other world leaders are worried about must only affect them, right? WRONG!

If that were true, why would thousands upon thousands of millionaires in major U.S. cities like Chicago be fleeing big cities for safer refuges? It’s not just the U.S. either. The same thing is happening around the globe where elites are fleeing major foreign cities like France and Rome in droves. Why are the rich fleeing from heavily populated cities? Why now? In the case of some extremely wealthy Americans, those who can afford to, have even gone so far as to completely renounce their citizenship to the U.S., despite the fact that doing so comes with an enormous tax! Check out:

Record Numbers Of Americans Renounce US Citizenship

Why Are So Many Renouncing American Citizenship? 221% Increase in 1 Year?

Are the filthy rich all fools? Is that what you think? How many of the uber rich became that way by acting like ignorant fools? How many became that way by by acquiring knowledge? Of those who haven’t renounced citizenship and fled the country, why are so many of them spending millions of dollars on doomsday bunkers? How many multimillionaires do you know who made a habit of blowing millions of dollars on foolish ideas? Not too many, else they wouldn’t remain multimillionaires for long! Look at the lavish bunkers many are building in in the video below:

Thanks to videos like the one above, and thanks to articles like, Why are global elites stealing trillions to build secret underground bunkers, and, This is Why the elite are the most paranoid preppers of all, we know the global elite are preparing for something type of massive catastrophe, and one of biblical proportions based on the level and cost of their preparations. Then, consider what is known about not just underground military bunkers, but literally entire underground government cities, and not just in the United States, but in every major developed nation on earth. What do all the elites know that we do not? Michael Snyder attempts to shed some light on possible ideas below.


Why Are So Many Among The Elite Building Luxury Bunkers In Preparation For An Imminent ‘Apocalypse’?

Michael Snyder writes:

Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  There are tens of millions of ordinary Americans that are feeling really good about the future now that Donald Trump has won the election, but meanwhile the elite are feverishly constructing luxury bunkers at a pace unlike anything we have ever seen before.  So why are so many among the elite preparing for an imminent “apocalypse” when tens of millions of other Americans are anticipating a new era of peace and prosperity?  Are they smarter than most of the rest of us, or are they simply being paranoid?

Without a doubt, something is going on among the elite.  Earlier today, WND published an article that discussed the fact that wealthy people “are quietly moving away from major cities” all over the globe because of concerns about security…

Widespread media reports as well as independent investigations from groups such as New World Wealth suggest wealthy people around the globe are quietly moving away from major cities because of fears of social instability. Increasing crime, terrorism and rising racial tensions have all been identified as factors driving the exodus. Even the Daily Beast reported the introduction of large numbers of Muslim refugees into Europe has made once prosperous areas fraught with danger, in the opinion of some security experts.

And just a few weeks ago a Hollywood Reporter article entitled “Panic, Anxiety Spark Rush to Build Luxury Bunkers for L.A.’s Superrich” talked about how “Oscar winners, sports stars and Bill Gates are building lavish bunkers” because of their anxiety about what is coming next.  The following is a short excerpt from that article…

Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it’s no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under or more. Those who can afford to pull out all the stops for so-called self-preservation are doing so — in a fashion that goes way beyond the submerged corrugated metal units adopted by reality show “preppers” — to prepare for anything from nuclear bombings to drastic climate-change events.

Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent. “Any time there is a turbulent political landscape, we see a spike in our sales. Given this election is as turbulent as it is, we are gearing up for an even bigger spike,” says marketing director Brad Roberson of sales of bunkers that start at $39,000 and can run $8.35 million or more (FYI, a 12-stall horse shelter is $98,500).

This is all very odd, because among the general population interest in “prepping” has hit a multi-year low.  In fact, sales of emergency food and supplies are way down at the moment across the entire industry.

So once again the question must be asked – do the elite know something that the rest of us do not?

If they don’t, why are they spending so much time, effort and money on such extraordinary preparations?

For instance, down in Texas one group of investors is constructing “a $300 million luxury community replete with underground homes”

An investor group is planning for a doomsday scenario by building a $300 million luxury community replete with underground homes. There will also be air-lock blast doors designed for people worried about a dirty bomb or other disaster and off-grid energy and water production.

The development, called Trident Lakes, is northeast of Dallas.

Residents will enjoy an equestrian center, 18-hole golf course, polo fields, zip lines and gun ranges. Retail shops, restaurants and a row of helipads are also in the works. For those looking to “get away,” they’ll also be able to enjoy three white sand beaches and a neighborhood spa.

Most of us could hardly even imagine such luxury, and this is yet another example of the growing gap between the ultra-wealthy and the rest of us in this country.

If you do happen to be one of the ultra-wealthy, perhaps you may be interested in purchasing one of the extremely expensive U-shaped “Earthships” that one company has been constructing for the elite…

Billionaires are buying up “indestructible” alien boltholes to seek sanctuary in during alien Armageddon or more-likely nuclear war and disaster.

The US company creating the $1.5million “Earthship” eco-structures says humans “must evolve” and insists they “will soon be a necessity” for our species “to survive on this planet.”

The bizarre U-shaped hideaways, which can reportedly survive in any climate, can be deployed to any part of the world and are self-sufficient enough to survive in isolation – during a killer virus outbreak or a radiation catastrophe.

I have to admit that I felt a twinge of jealousy when I first learned about these “Earthships”.  They are completely self-sufficient, they are environmentally-friendly, and they sound like they are quite comfortable.  The following is what one reporter discovered when she visited a community of these “Earthships”…

In addition to the cord-cutting power and self-sustaining water supply, each abode contains its own greenhouse. I could forage for figs, bananas, pineapple, broccoli, rosemary and chives in my fluffy socks. Or if the zombies weren’t looking, I could dash over to my neighbor’s place for supper. The Phoenix, a three-bedroom that sleeps six, dedicates one-third of its space to food production. Its tropical jungle supports parakeets and cockatiels (not for consumption) and a garden bursting with fruits and vegetables, including grapes, artichokes, lemons, melons, kale, squash, hot peppers and mushrooms that cling to a log. Chickens cluck around the back yard, which features a sunken den with a grill for coop-to-kebob meals. An indoor fishpond once contained a robust stock of tilapia before a group of guests threw a fish fry. Now, the littlest survivors swim laps with koi. For the dairy course, the staff is considering resident goats.

It sounds wonderful.

But once again, why go to all of this effort if a new era of peace and prosperity for humanity is right around the corner?

I really like what Carl Gallups had to say about this.  Carl is the author of Be Thou Prepared, and this is what he told WND about the preparations that the elite are making…

“I think that the rich and elite are becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous and potentially unstable world in which we now reside,” he warned. “Massive instances of civil unrest, even in America, are becoming a very real possibility. Internal terror attacks, swelling illegal alien populations, an influx of Islamic refugees, increasing racial discord, ambushing police officers, the rule of law continually being trampled by the political elite and an almost complete collapse of trust in the mainstream media – all of this has led to widespread cynicism and distrust among the population as a whole.”

Gallups noted “the rich usually have deeper connections to reliable information and prediction sources, and most of them have the means to take immediate action.”

I believe that Carl Gallups is right on the money.

Normally I am extremely hard on the elite, but in this case I believe that they are showing much more wisdom than the general population.

So many people are crying “peace and safety” right now, and yet we are right in the middle of what I have labeled “the danger zone“.

Our world is becoming more unstable with each passing day, but there is so much apathy among the American people at the moment.

I just don’t understand it.

The self-destructive behavior that we are engaging in as a nation is a recipe for national suicide, and the warning signs are all around us, but because disaster has not struck yet most people seem to believe that the warnings that they have been hearing are not true.

Meanwhile, the elite are preparing extremely hard for an imminent “apocalypse”, and I have a feeling that they are going to end up looking like the smart ones once it is all said and done.

THE VOICE OF REASON is the pen name of Michael DePinto, a graduate of Capital University Law School, and an attorney in Florida. Having worked in the World Trade Center, along with other family and friends, Michael was baptized by fire into the world of politics on September 11, 2001. Michael’s political journey began with tuning in religiously to whatever the talking heads on television had to say, then Michael became a “Tea-Bagging” activist as his liberal friends on the Left would say, volunteering within the Jacksonville local Tea Party, and most recently Michael was sworn in as an attorney. Today, Michael is a major contributor to, he owns and operates, where Michael provides what is often very ‘colorful’ political commentary, ripe with sarcasm, no doubt the result of Michael’s frustration as he feels we are witnessing the end of the American Empire. The topics Michael most often weighs in on are: Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm, Economic Issues, Government Corruption, and Government Conspiracy.

The post Trump Nominates NWO Soros Puppet Mnuchin For Treasury Secretary (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Winter Ailments: How to Stay Healthy During Winter


Winter is a busy, festive time of year. It’s also a time when more people tend to get sick. What exactly is it about this time of year that encourages aches and sniffles? “Catching a chill” has long been suspected as a cause of winter ailments and, for just as long, has been dismissed as folklore.

Can You Get Sick from Cold Weather?

It is true that exposure to cold temperatures constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow. Conceivably, this could weaken the immune system since it means fewer protective white blood cells make the rounds.[1] But, cold weather alone will not make you sick. Harmful bacteria and viruses are to blame, although some are easier to catch and spread during cold, dry weather.[2, 3]

Human behavior is more responsible for the transmission of illness than cold weather. Human behavior facilitates the transmission of the common cold and flu. During the winter, we travel en masse and stay indoors, in close contact, with our friends and families. As a result, common winter concerns such as a cold, sore throat, asthma, stiff joints, cold sores, dry skin, and the flu are simply easier to catch.[4]

Common Winter Health Concerns

Seasonal ailments are many and diverse. Let’s look at a few of the most common and their symptoms and causes.

The Cold

The common cold affects millions of people. In fact, the average adult will catch it at least two or three times per year.[5] Colds are caused by viral infections, and the most common are human rhinoviruses, or HRVs.[6] They result in upper respiratory infections with symptoms like a runny nose, sore throat, cough, headache, or mild body aches.[7]

Sore Throat

A sore throat, par for the course during the winter, is usually an early sign of an upper respiratory infection.[8]


Asthma isn’t a seasonal ailment but asthma can be exacerbated by the cold, especially a sudden drop in temperature (such as when you step outside during the dead of winter). Additionally, an asthma attack, which can cause coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath,[9] can be brought on by other conditions, such as a cold or flu.[10]


Norovirus is a contagious gastrointestinal illness that can cause nausea, projectile vomiting, and watery stool. It’s especially troublesome in densely populated buildings like schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and cruise ships. Touching contaminated surfaces (like counters or doorknobs), eating food that’s been handled by an infected person, or even inhaling viral particles can spread the virus.[11]

Painful Joints

painful-joints-300x200The relationship between stiff, sore joints and cold weather is a strange one. It seems counterintuitive that cold weather would exacerbate inflammation, but a sudden drop in temperature is usually preceded by a drop in barometric pressure. People with inflamed joints are more attuned to changes in atmospheric pressure and may feel more pain in injured areas. Stiff joints might also hurt more in the winter because people are more sedentary when it’s cold outside.[12]

Cold Sores

Cold sores are the result of the highly contagious HSV-1 virus. The virus remains dormant in the body’s nerve cells until activated. Many factors, including stress or a compromised immune system, can trigger an outbreak. To prevent transmission to other people or parts of the body, avoid touching cold sores, don’t share food or utensils, and wash your hands frequently.[13]

Dry Skin

In many places, the humidity drops during the winter; less moisture in the air can lead to dry skin. Don’t use harsh, drying soaps or bathe in water that’s too hot–both can dry your skin. Moisturize your skin by applying a rich lotion after showering. You can also invest in a humidifier for your bedroom.

The Flu

Flu symptoms and cold symptoms are similar but flu symptoms are more severe and include fever, chills, body aches. If it escalates, the flu can lead to more serious health problems like pneumonia; it can even become life-threatening.[14] It’s important to be especially vigilant since you can catch the flu from up to 6 feet away by droplet transmission. Infected people are usually contagious for a day before symptoms appear and up to 7 days after.[15]

If you get sick, stay home.[16] Stay hydrated, get a lot of rest, and let yourself recuperate, don’t spread it around your workplace. You’re not at your best when you’re sick, and you can greatly hinder productivity[17] even further by getting your coworkers sick.

Winter Allergies

For many people, winter time means spending more time indoors… with the mold spores, pet dander, chemical cleaners, and dust mites. When you consider that most homes are sealed up tight and ventilation is lacking, it’s no surprise that allergies can flare up during the winter months.[18]

How to Avoid Getting Sick

Prevention is the best strategy for avoiding winter bugs. The following are tips for protecting yourself and keeping your immune system strong.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Eating poorly can significantly affect your health by changing the composition of your gut microbiome, leaving you open to attack from harmful bacteria. Conversely, consuming lactic acid bacteria naturally found in raw food like fruits and vegetables supports gut health.[19] Probiotics like lactobacilli support normal respiratory health.[20][21]

Many of the traditional, seasonal comfort foods offer little nutritional value. Studies show that concentrated glucose consumption without antioxidants causes oxidative stress in the blood[22] and puts you in a pro-oxidative state,[23] which compromises your immune defenses.[24] Combat the effect by eating plenty of leafy greens, beans, and citrus.

Exercise and Stay Active

When it’s cold and the days are short, working out might be the last thing you feel like doing, but exercise supports the immune system and may actually prevent you from getting sick. Aerobic exercise helps circulate white blood cells throughout your body so they can find and fight harmful microbes. Exercise lowers stress hormones[25] and combats seasonal affective disorder.[26]

Manage Your Stress

manage-your-stress-300x200Stress is inevitable, and occasional stress is actually good for you.[27] But, prolonged stress weakens the immune system.[28] One of the many effects of stress is a shrunken, atrophied thymus. The thymus is the small organ in the lymphatic system that makes T-cells,[29] which are highly specialized immune cells that target specific types and strains of microbes, like viruses.

Control your stress levels and mitigate your stressors to support your immune system. Make time for yourself and avoid overcommitting to social engagements. Sometimes it’s difficult to say “no” but rest and recuperation is essential for strong immune defenses.

Sleep Well

A lack of sleep affects the immune system and consistent sleep deprivation causes the body to enter a proinflammatory state–in as few as 8 days.[30] Because immune cells are most active during the sleep cycle, a good night’s rest is essential. If you feel you’re coming down with something, get some rest–it strengthens the immune response.[31]

Wash Your Hands

Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent infection. Shared surfaces like handrails, doorknobs, and elevator buttons are a conduit for pathogens. We then infect ourselves when we touch our faces.[32] Most people touch their face an average of 4 times an hour, and they touch shared surfaces about 3 times an hour. Always wash your hands after touching shared surfaces.[33]

Protect Your Skin

Skin can be especially sensitive to extreme temperatures. Bathing and showering in hot water can make dry skin worse, even prone to cracking.[34] Cold, dry air wreaks havoc on skin, too.[35] Moisturize your skin by applying organic skin care lotion immediately after getting out of the shower.


Gargling is a great way to prevent yourself from getting sick. Though it’s great for soothing a sore throat, it turns out that gargling salt water is an effective way to discourage upper respiratory infections.[36] You can even try gargling green tea. According to one study, gargling with green tea is more effective than plain water at preventing fevers in children.[37]

Stay Warm

Exposure to cold weather causes vasoconstriction. Dress appropriately for the weather and keep the immune defenses in your air passages strong and well supplied with white blood cells

Should You Get A Flu Shot?

The decision whether or not to get a flu shot is controversial but personal. Everyone needs to consider all the information and risks and decide for themselves. Find a non-biased, trusted health provider who is willing to have an honest conversation. Read and understand the warnings that accompany whichever flu shot you may be considering. Understand that the flu shot is not a magic shield and it won’t protect against anything other than specific flu strains, and even then the action may take up to two weeks to develop.[38] Everyone and every body is different, know that you can still get sick from the represented flu strains in the vaccine because effectiveness can vary from person to person.[39]

Nutritional Supplements

Good nutrition is a foundation of good health. If you’re not getting the complete spectrum of nutrients your body requires, nutritional supplements can help fill the gaps and support a strong immune system. During the winter months, I personally love Oregatrex™ and Floratrex™. The essential oils in Oregatrex help defend against harmful organisms and act as powerful antioxidants. Floratrex boasts 23 different strains of probiotics that strengthen the gut environment and make it more difficult for invading organisms to take hold.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your immune system strong this winter. Have yourself some happy healthy holidays!

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The post Winter Ailments: How to Stay Healthy During Winter appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Democracy Now? or Dishonesty Now! (VIDEO)


“Democracy Now? Change the name: Fascism Now!”, honorable ex-CIA whistle-blower Suzan Lindauer.

A growing number of credible figures from around the world are starting to denounce Democracy Now as a propaganda outlet for “humanitarian intervention” on behalf of the State Department and the military industrial complex.

While the MSM conduct their smear campaign on alternative media, it is time to fight back using their own ammunition (lies) and expose the rapidly collapsing corporate media including “Democracy Now”.

This is an expose and analysis of the psychological tactics used by Democracy Now to keep you misinformed about the issues that really matter and how they covertly push for regime change abroad.

Verify Events Research

The post Democracy Now? or Dishonesty Now! (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Do You Really Think a Group “Asthma Attack” Caused 8500 People to Drop Like Flies in Australia? (VIDEO)


This is one of the weirdest stories I’ve heard in a long time. So very weird that I have to call BS (baloney sandwiches) on the whole darned thing.

Last week, 8500 people were sent to the hospital in Melbourne, Australia during a period of five hours due to a freak storm that caused what authorities are referring to as “thunderstorm asthma.” An ambulance was dispatched every 4.5 seconds during the peak of the storm, and eight people died. (Learn more here.)

Is it just me or does this sound like a biological or chemical attack? This video explains how our government, in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigation and other world governments, have performed some unsettling testing. (Think about stuff like MK Ultra mind control experiments or the US allowing Nazi scientists to quietly continue their work in America after WWII.) It goes on to provide a compelling case against the official explanation.

One such example is the weaponization of extremely allergenic natural substances.

Were the citizens in Melbourne just specimens in a petri dish during a grand-scale test of a biological weapon?

Article first posted at


The post Do You Really Think a Group “Asthma Attack” Caused 8500 People to Drop Like Flies in Australia? (VIDEO) appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Trump’s Double U-Turn on Investigating the Clinton Foundation


Candidate Trump promised he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scam if elected president – my words, not his.

President-elect Trump then told CBS’ 60 Minutes he’s more focused on getting “the country straightened away.” When asked about his pledge to investigate “crooked Hillary,” he replied “I don’t want to hurt…They’re good people.”

On November 27, the New York Post headlined “Trump administration will pressure foreign states to probe Clinton Foundation,” saying:

“A source close to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team told The Post that the new administration plans to pressure the US ambassadors it will name to bring up the foundation with foreign governments – and suggest they probe its – financial dealings.”

Last week, his campaign manager, strategist, transition team member Kellyanne Conway said when Trump indicated “he doesn’t wish to pursue (charges against the Clintons), it sends a very strong message, tone and content to (GOP) members.”

“I think Hillary Clinton still has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest or trustworthy, but if Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing.”

Yet when debating her face-to-face, he said “(i)f I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception.”

What’s going on? Politicians notoriously say one thing, then do another, promises ignored straightaway. What other pledges might he reverse?

Will he backtrack on killing TPP? Will he leave NATO’s destructive role unchanged – instead of using it to fight terrorism, not other nations?

Will he stay hardline on Russia, renouncing his pledge to normalize ties and cooperate with Putin in combating terrorism in Syria?

Will he serve wealth, power and privilege exclusively like his predecessors – or all Americans as he promised?

Will he “drain the swamp,” break up Washington’s “special interest monopoly,” its “rigged political establishment?”

Will he continue America’s war on humanity at home and abroad or end it? Will he support rule of law principles or ignore them?

On November 22, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton issued a statement in response to Trump indicating he won’t investigate Hillary’s email scandal or Clinton Foundation wrongdoing, saying:

“Donald Trump must commit his administration to a serious, independent investigation of the very serious Clinton national security, email, and pay-to-play scandals.”

“If Mr. Trump’s appointees continue the Obama administration’s politicized spiking of a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton, it would be a betrayal of his promise to the American people to “drain the swamp” of out-of-control corruption in Washington, DC.”

“President-elect Trump should focus on healing the broken justice system, affirm the rule of law and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton scandals.”

“In the meantime, Judicial Watch will vigorously pursue its independent litigation and investigation of the Clinton email, national security, and other corruption scandals.”

Plenty of evidence proves Clinton crime family wrongdoing. Urging foreign governments investigate their affairs isn’t good enough. Accountability begins at home.


The post Trump’s Double U-Turn on Investigating the Clinton Foundation appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Police State Closure of DAPL Protest Camp Announced


(image: © Stephanie Keith / Reuters)

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members and supporters face forced eviction from their Oceti Sakowin protest encampment site, protecting sacred ancestral land, water and wildlife habitat from destructive DAPL construction.

According to, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced closure of long ago stolen Native American land, wrongfully called “federal property,” the portion north of the Cannonball River to be closed for  public use and access, effective December 5, 2016.

Protesters must leave or face arrest, likely involving police state violence like days earlier. In a letter to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe chairman Dave Archambault II, Army Corps Col. John Henderson deceitfully called the decision “necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontation between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area, and to prevent death, illness, or serious injury to inhabitants of encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.”

A so-called “free speech zone” will be established south of the Cannonball River on US Army land. It’s way inadequate, Indigenous Environmental Network member Dallas Goldtooth explained. On Saturday, Archambault issued a statement, saying in part:

“Our Tribe is deeply disappointed in this decision by the United States, but our resolve to protect our water is stronger than ever.”

“We ask that all everyone who can appeal to President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers to consider the future of our people and rescind all permits and deny the easement to cross the Missouri River just north of our Reservation and straight through our treaty lands.”

“When Dakota Access Pipeline chose this route, they did not consider our strong opposition. Our concerns were clearly articulated directly to them in a meeting on Sept. 30, 2014.”

“We ask that the United States stop the pipeline and move it outside our treaty lands.”

“Although the news is saddening, it is not at all surprising given the last 500 years of the treatment of our people.”

“We have suffered much, but we still have hope that the President will act on his commitment to close the chapter of broken promises to our people and especially our children.”

In solidarity with Standing Rock protesters at the Oceti Sakowin camp site, Jane Fonda said she “rarely (ever) s(aw) so much love, gratitude, determination (and) resilience.”

According to Indian Country Today Media, hours after the eviction notice was issued, “crews (began) building dwellings meant to sustain the onslaught of a North Dakota winter.”

Years ago, I experienced its extreme cold firsthand – weather requiring careful protection from frostbite and hypothermia.

Hundreds die annually in America from exposure to harsh temperatures. Winterizing the Oceti Sakowin encampment or any other in the area is essential.

On Sunday, Sioux leaders responded to what they called a “direct and irresponsible threat to the water protectors,” saying they’re not leaving. Attempts to remove them will be met with nonviolent resistance, civil disobedience and prayer.

On December 4, around 2,000 US veterans are scheduled to arrive, offering support in solidarity.

Perhaps greater police state violence is coming than already – Standing Rock one of many US battlegrounds for justice, pitting monied interests against popular ones, deplorable results always turning out the same way.

The post Police State Closure of DAPL Protest Camp Announced appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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60 Years of Research Links Gluten Grains to Schizophrenia


Does the consumption of gluten-containing grains contribute to psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia?

Believe it or not, this question has been asked for well over 60 years by researchers who stumbled upon evidence that the removal of gluten from the diet results in improved symptoms, or conversely, that gluten grain consumption leads to higher prevalence of both neurological and psychiatric problems.

Reports of the resolution of emotional disturbances after the institution of a “gluten free” diet exist in medical literature at least as far back as 1951.[i]  In 1954, Sleisenger reported to have found three schizophrenics among a group of thirty-two adults with celiac disease,[ii] and in 1957, Bossak, Wang and Aldersberg reported discovering 5 psychotic patients among 94 patients with celiac disease.[iii]   The initial recognition that celiac disease, or at least gluten sensitivity, occurred at a far higher prevalence among schizophrenics than the healthy, opened up the door to more elaborate investigations.

Wartime Reduction In Gluten Grain Rations Reduces Schizophrenia Prevalence

For instance, in 1966, a remarkable epidemiological study was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled,”Wheat “Consumption” and Hospital Admissions for Schizophrenia During World War II,” which sought to confirm the possible relationship between schizophrenia and celiac disease by investigating the reported decrease in the number of admissions to mental hospitals during some wars.

The author of the study, F. C. Dohan, M.D., looked at the number of women admitted to the mental hospitals in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada and the United States before and after World War II. These figures were then compared to volume of wheat and rye consumed during those two periods. As Dohan explains:

The percent change in the mean annual number of first admissions for schizophrenia to the hospital in each of the five countries from the respective pre-war mean was compared to the percent change in the “consumption” of wheat and wheat plus rye.”

The results can be view in the figure below:


As you can see above, the percent change from prewar values during World War II in the number of patients admitted to hospitals for the first time with schizophrenia in five countries was found to be significantly correlated to the percent change in the amount of wheat and wheat plus rye consumed. As gluten grain rations decreased, so did the worldwide rate of first-time admission to psychiatric institutions.

Increasing Body of Research Implicates Gluten Grains in Schizophrenia Pathogenesis

Since then, a number of studies have been published linking the consumption of gluten-containing grains to schizophrenia:

  • Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2011: Persons with schizophrenia have higher than expected titers of antibodies (7 fold increased prevalence) related to celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.[iv]
  • Schizophrenia Research, 2010: Individual with schizophrenia have a novel immune response to gliadin distinct from those with celiac disease (i.e. absence of antibodies to the transglutaminase enzyme and the HLA-DQ2/DQ8 genetic locus of susceptibility.[v]
  • Acta Psychiatra Scandinavica, 2006: A review of the literature found a drastic reduction, if not full remission, of schizophrenic symptoms after initiation of gluten withdrawal has been noted in a variety of studies.[vi]
  • Biological Psychiatry, 1984: Only two chronic schizophrenics were found among over 65,000 examined or closely observed adults in remote regions of Papua New Guinea (PNG, 1950-1967) and Malaita , Solomon Islands (1980-1981), and on Yap , Micronesia (1947-1948), who do not consume grains. Researchers noted that when these peoples became partially westernized and consumed wheat, barley beer, and rice, the prevalence reached European levels.[vii]
  • Science, 1976: Schizophrenics maintained on a grain-free and milk-free diet challenged with gluten saw interruption of their therapeutic progress. After termination of the gluten challenge, the course of improvement was reinstated.[viii]

New Research Confirms Gliadin-Schizophrenia Link

The latest study to confirm the gluten-schizophrenia link was published this month in the World Journal of Biological Psychiatry and titled, “Elevated gliadin antibody levels in individuals with schizophrenia.” Researchers compared the blood work of 950 schizophrenics with 1,000 healthy controls. They discovered that the odds ratio of having anti-gliadin IgG antibodies was 2.13 times higher in schizophrenics, indicating that t the least schizophrenics are more likely to experience an adverse immune response to wheat proteins.

Gliadin is the alcohol soluble complex of proteins found within what is known colloquially as gluten (the term is misleading as wheat technically contains over 23,000 different proteins, not one), and is considered the primary immunotoxic class of proteins in wheat. For instance, in celiac disease, a genetically mediated immune process unfurls where upon exposure to gliadin, the enzyme tissue transglutaminase modifies the protein, and the immune system cross-reacts with the small-bowel tissue, causing an inflammatory reaction that results in the destruction of the intestinal villi.

The discovery of antibodies to gliadin in the blood of both celiac disease patients and schizophrenics implies several things:

  • The Wheat Protein Gliadin Doesn’t Break Down During Digestion: Undigested wheat-derived macromolecules can act as antigens, provoking an antibody-mediated immune response, particularly if they get through the intestinal lining and into the blood. The fact that antibodies to wheat protein gliadin can be found in the blood indicates that it is not being fully broken down into constituent amino acids.
  • Wheat Proteins In the Blood Stimulate Auto-Immunity: The presence of gliadin in the blood also indicates intestinal permeability. It turns out that gliadin has been found to up-regulate the protein zonulin in the gut of those either with or without celiac disease, which essentially opens “pandora’s box” of intestinal permeability, and subsequent autoimmunity.[ix] In another essay, we also described the intestinal permeability generating effects of wheat lectin, also known as Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) – [see Opening Pandora’s Bread Box]
  • Wheat Protein May Cause The Immune System To Attack the Nervous System: Anti-gliadin antibodies appear to cross react with neurological self-structures, which may explain how they contribute to schizophrenia. A study published in 2007 in the Journal of Immunology found that anti-gliadin antibodies bind to neuronal synapsin I, a protein found within nerve terminal of axons, which the study authors believe may explain why gliadin contributes to “neurologic complications such as neuropathy, ataxia, seizures, and neurobehavioral changes.”[x] Another example of anti-gliadin antibodies possibly contributing to the formation of autoantibodies against neurological self-structures is in autism.  A 2004 study in Nutritional Neuroscience found that children with autism show antibody elevations against gliadin and cerebellar (brain) proteins simultaneously. In other words, wheat proteins may simulate antibodies that cross-react, resulting in neurological damage.[xi] Learn more on the topic by reading our article: Wheat: A Missing Piece In the Autism Puzzle

Just A Problem for Schizophrenics? There Is One Surefire Way To Find Out

A broader question is also raised by this research.  Since anti-gliadin antibodies are found in approximately 27% of the population, and as high as 57% in those suffering from neurological dysfunction of unknown causes,[xii] is it then possible that gluten-containing grains are adversely affecting the mental health of the world at large, perhaps mostly on a subclinical basis?  We actually explored this possibility in greater depth in our essay The Dark Side of Wheat, focusing on the Roman empire’s use of the wheat-based economy as a form of both cultural and biological imperialism.

Certainly we can say that wheat adversely affects the physical health of far more than present day conventional medical estimates which focus on celiac disease and food allergies to wheat. We have indexed over 200 adverse health effects of gluten-containing grains, with 20 adverse ‘modes of toxicity’ described thus far. Interestingly, top on the list is neurotoxicity, with 23 articles describing this effect available to view here: Wheat Neurotoxicity Link.

There are likely far too many variables to ever point to gluten-containing grains as a singular cause of psychiatric problems, malaise, mania, addiction, depression, schizophrenia, etc. However, one thing is sure. Your first hand experience is as valuable as a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized human trial. And so, if you remove them from your diet, and you feel better, and health conditions, both physical and mental, improve, then there is no better proof than that!


  • [i] Haas, S. V. and Haas, M. P.  Management of Celiac Disease.  Philadelphia, 1951. J. B. Lippincott Co.
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  • [v] Diana Samaroo, Faith Dickerson, Donald D Kasarda, Peter H R Green, Chiara Briani, Robert H Yolken, Armin Alaedini. Novel immune response to gluten in individuals with schizophrenia. Schizophr Res. 2010 May;118(1-3):248-55. Epub 2009 Sep 11.
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©  December 3, 2016 GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here

The post 60 Years of Research Links Gluten Grains to Schizophrenia appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.

Source: Alternative news journal

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Is PizzaGate Triggering Mass Awakening?


Type in “PizzaGate” into any search engine and see what happens. Links upon links will come up of articles, videos, images, blogs, tweets and other updates about the now fully revealed DNC-Washington DC-approved occult pedophile ring operating within a network that involves not only Hillary Clinton but also Obama, the Podesta brothers (John and Tony) several oddly operating D.C. local pizzerias (Besta Pizza, Terasol, Comet Ping Pong) and many other Washington D.C. insiders. That’s right. The genie is out of the bottle. The potential for mass awakening is here and the moment is now to make sure this message gets out to everyone. The elite are on the run and they are running scared. Now is not the time to let up if you care about truth, justice, accountability and protecting little children.

The story is so big and so damaging to the criminals in D.C. that they are now desperately trying anything they can to fight back including the laughable “fake news” psyop we’ve all been hearing so much about the past week or so.

I believe this is another major victory for truth, the alternative media and all of humanity. But let’s not spend too much time celebrating. Let’s keep pushing this information and not allow any new stories to push our attention away from this. Right now here is where we stand from the ruling elite point of view.

Problem = Exposure of pedophile occult rituals deep inside the White House

Reaction = Accuse everyone of being “fake news”

Solution = Begin “responsible” censorship of “fake news” throughout social media and the internet in the name of “truth”.

The only other “solution” they are working on is outright stealing the election back and giving it to Hillary thanks to the Jill Stein betrayal (or attempted Coup d’etat) of America going on as we speak. Incidentally if Jill Stein and her Democrat pals somehow succeed in pulling off some kind of reversal of the election results come December 20th, don’t think that the ruling elite, especially George Soros, don’t know that will trigger a very likely and very real civil war and mass chaos here in America. Tada! Another way of getting everyone’s attention AWAY from PizzaGate. I’ve said repeatedly that the ruling elite do lose battles but only temporarily. They WILL react to their loses and try other things. We are now seeing this very clearly and it should serve as a reminder that the battle for truth is continuous.

For anyone not familiar with PizzaGate watch the videos linked above or the summary below. Let’s review some of the parts of this growing national and global scandal:

1- The John Podesta emails reveal incredibly strange conversations which only make sense when we take into account the hidden code word commonly used in pedophile circles. We’ve seen these revealed broadly as:



“cheese”=”little girl”

“pasta”=”little boy”

“ice cream”=”male prostitute”

“walnut” or nuts=person of color



Once you understand the simple code translations then emails like:

“Do you think I’ll do better playing Dominos on cheese than on pasta?”- Email 50332- Sandler Foundation to John Podesta


“Obama spent about $65,000 flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House” – Fred Burton via Wikileaks


The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…

make a lot more sense. Of course these are just three emails amongst hundreds you can peruse through at Wikileaks for yourself.

2- Then there is the email showing how Marina Ambramovic, a “performance artist” who practices “spirit cooking” recipes at parties with Washington insiders personally invited both John and Tony Podesta to her own house for some “spirit cooking”.

3- How about all the pizza joints (seen in the image below) operating extremely suspicious businesses that seem to go WAY beyond eating a simple pizza? Interestingly all these Pizza places are said to be (according to independent researchers) 4 minutes from John Podesta’s house!!


4- See the image below sketched out by police following Madelyn McCann disappearance of May 3, 2007. Madelyn disappeared from her bed at a Praia da luz resort in the Algarve region of Portugal. Her parents (Kate and Gerry McCann) were dining out while the children were left alone in a first floor apartment.


5- Finally, ask yourself why would a grown man (Tony Podesta) have the following paintings and decors at his house? One need not even be a truth seeker to see through these images and know what is happening.


And why would Tony Podesta have a statue commemorating a victim in the Jerry Dahmer (psychopath killer) collection?? Believe your eyes!


There is nothing that the ruling elite want more right now than for these revelations to go away and that is why I’m giving it attention today. Let’s hammer the elite while we can. The future of humanity may very well hang in the balance. It’s no longer about one group (the “truth movement”) or one topic (9/11) or even “conspiracy theories”, “alt-right” or now “fake news”, it’s about a worldwide awakening to the truth about the corruption and evil of the ruling elite that the elite know they cannot stop.

That reminds me of an article I wrote some time back. In fact here’s the last segment from that article which I wrote in January of 2015 titled: Will the Global Awakening Render the Truth Movement Obsolete? Read it and see how well it fits into today’s world.

Ultimately, in the greater picture and in the far distant future, the truth movement will be looked back upon and acknowledged as a remnant (truth) expression of humanity which was required at the time to spark the needed long term permanent change for the future of the species. Interestingly, to those of us involved in the truth movement for so many years it feels like we own this movement but again, this is another subjective illusion many of us are under. No one created the truth movement, it was an expression of humanity that occurred in an attempt to protect the species from the damage that was being set out for it by the controllers.

Think of the truth movement (expression of humanity) as the informational immune system of the species. Now consider how orderly nature is. Consider how many cells are in your body and how these cells all work together. Likewise, we as a humanity have the capability to work together against this smart and nefarious enemy constantly dishing out disinformation and lies. Yes, the globalists cultists would have you think that life is about chaos, hatred, fear, murder, terrorism, war, agony, and government control. But that’s because government consciousness knows nothing else. As I’ve mentioned before, this competition between government consciousness and human consciousness is an old battle that has been going on for thousands of years.

Today we are seeing the same ongoing mental and spiritual battle going on. In the bigger picture, the truth movement was but a small moment in time compared to truth itself. Because of the power of truth and the amazing abilities of humanity to seek natural survival against the forces of government, what we are seeing is people waking up in many other ways (aside of 9/11). People all over the world are sick of what they are seeing the global banksters do. People are fed up with genetically modified cancer causing food, they’ve had enough of the Medical Industrial complex profiting from death and disease, and they’ve had enough of the Military Industrial complex creating wars, false flags and spraying our skies daily with chemical toxins. They see the torture, the endless wars, the lies, and the state propaganda go on and on and they’ve had enough. Many people who have never associated or identified themselves with the so called “truth movement”, or have never been activists today find themselves part of the greater global awakening of truth.

For this reason the global awakening is far out-pacing the original “truth movement” to the point where it is conceivable that the truth movement will soon be (if it’s not already) forgotten and supplanted by the much greater global natural awakening to truth. That’s because truth all along was a human thing. Truth is desired by all of humanity not just one group who woke up to the 9/11 crimes. Unfortunately for the truth movement, truth is not quite for sale and no one has a patent on it.

Realizing this eventual path of global awakening, I believe those who identify with the so called truth movement should mentally prepare to share even give away this title as the world awakens. In fact, I look forward to being able to say “what truth movement?” as everyone starts sounding like “conspiracy theorists”. In fact, we’re seeing that already. We’re seeing where the western government and media propaganda machine has already accused entire countries and leaders of nations like Russia, Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, North Korea, Syria, and others of speaking “conspiracy theories”- Yeah right! Remember back in the days when “conspiracy theorists” were supposed to be the lone wolf lunatic weird guy in some basement in nowhere USA? Now entire nations are sounding like truthers and “conspiracy theorists”. This is a sign of the global awakening we speak of.

So while the truth movement is still considered to exist, let us remember what it was like and what it was all about. Remember that at no time in history has truth been contained exclusively by one group. Truth always was and is a growing natural process. Seeking truth may be seemingly limited to certain individuals at first but (as we have seen in the last 13+ years) truth ultimately spreads and nothing in the world can truly stop this process. Keep that in mind as we cautiously progress through 2015, a year already shaping up as a challenging year packed with false flags and aggressive “ministry of truth” mainstream media propaganda. Let’s keep this natural process of truth in mind as we all confront an angry, desperate and dying global empire.

Here we are almost two years since I wrote this and you don’t hear too many people today talking about the “truth movement” and I believe it’s because the concept has been out-grown by a much larger all-out awakening to the truth. All of today’s events confirm to me what I was anticipating two years ago. I was anticipating that indeed revealed mass truth (like the shocking revelations we’re discussing now) would render obsolete the ownership of the “truth” title from any small group.

Let’s remain positive and hope that this awakening continues and that new disinformation or mass mind control tactics are not rolled out that would potentially fool the masses into believing lies again. Thankfully, once people are aware of the true level of corruption and mass deceit they are exponentially less trusting of government and mainstream media. This is the phenomenon we are seeing today where almost half of Americans didn’t even vote during the presidential election and most Americans don’t trust mainstream media.

With every person that wakes up to the level of corruption in D.C. our jobs as truth seekers gets slightly easier. Think of it as a bunch of people carrying the weight of a very heavy object. With every person that jumps in to help, the weight feels lighter and lighter to each individual.

So let’s keep spreading the message to everyone we know, realizing that with every new mind that is awakened another nail is being driven in the coffin of the corrupt ruling elite. This is as great a keyhole to consciousness as anything we’ve seen in a long time. It’s so big that this could be the final piece of the puzzle to officially allow the manifestation of mass awakening.

In many ways this is already happening. Hopefully this will help those newly awakened to finally wrap their heads around other similar psychological operations like Sandy Hook, Boston bombing and other events where no proof was needed by anyone (especially Sandy Hook) to declare what supposedly happened. And as we’re seeing now, anyone who dares to question Sandy Hook is labeled as a “harasser”. This is exactly the same criminal minds and the same consciousness behind the corruption being revealed today. Do your own research and connect the dots for yourself. Then help spread the word.

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